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“ Life is short. No matter how long you live.
Soo... LIVE! ”

One of the guiding rules of my life

Vic van der Put

About STAFFmaster Vic van der Put

Main info

Months of planning, designing and redesigning, programming and reprogramming... daily updates through online databases and an entirely from scratch developed content managing system which enables our STAFFmembers to update the site from any- and everywhere around the world. And the portal is still not ready ;).

It took a lot of time to build this baby. It takes even more time to keep it up-to-date. All content that is developed for this site is done by yours truly. So basically I am the owner of it all. It's mine I say. Mine!!! ;).

Hahahah... well ok. Credit sure is due to all people that helped with the site and it's content... but I also take full credit for the entire site and its developments, which is fair for someone that did all the work, or not?!

About me

I'm a webdesigner/-developer working at a Dutch company called Total Support. Employed as a webdesigner, I'm supervising and developing lots of on- and offline projects, including but not limited to, total functional design, structural design in both Technical Interfaces as in Graphical User Interfaces for subjects ranging from intranet, extranet, sites, shops, mediaproducts and lots of other thingies I aint gonna mention. Its a lot of media, and I do it all!

Managing projects is one thing. I'm also involved in almost all the development of websites and shops themselves. In essence this is what I do best. I love doing it all day long... and engage in developing new stuff every day. One might even say; I finally found my calling.

I've build over 130 sites since 1999 and every week two more appear from my hands/imaginastion. Soon I'll add a new online portfolio to this page (the previous one has been deleted, awaiting a cool new mini-site).

My biggest project to date, however... is this Terminator portal. I've got pride in my work and pump every development I make for customers into this online experience you see each day!


Try to guess what that could ever possibly be! Non other then Terminator of course (duh!). I've started collecting Terminator stuff since the video release of the original The Terminator. My collection is now over 600 items big and I'm still not ready.

Other hobbies include programming, console-gaming, LAN parties, music (house and techno), parties, crazy t-shirts, my drinking buddies (and the local pub I'm incrowd of since 1994), my friends and some other crazy stuff. In essence I'm not the ordinairy ICT'r (Information and Communication Technologies) one normally sees in our business.

This page still needs more info... which will follow as soon as possible!

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