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“ When the T-1000 is chasing them out of the hospital, the license plate on the cop car changes several times. ”

Thus far we counted 5 instances; 999273, 999232, 999001, 999013 and 999018.

T2 mistakes

Movie mistakes

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Especially for all those nitpickers (or other fans interested in some 'miss'-facts of the Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie) TerminatorFiles has collected a list of lots of movie mistakes. A big movie, could always have errors in them, even if its the biggest fattest Terminator movie of all time.

Arrival / Biker Bar

Give me your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle!

  • When the 'sparking' begins you can see a sticker on the bumper of the trailer. When the T-800 arrives in the bubble it 'melts' out the back corner of the trailer, the sticker is no longer there.
  • Whilst walking towards the bar, the T-800 is scanning vehicles and such. He scans a early 80's Ford LTD Sedan, but it shows up on his inner viewer as a 'Plymouth Sedan'.
  • When the T-800 is walking aside the Sedan, you can clearly see the steady cam in the window of the door.
  • The T-800 has a cigar burned into his chest by one of the bikers. A second later it's not there anymore.
  • The T-800 gets stabbed by one of the bikers. If you put it in slow mo, you see the rubber knife bend in a few frames.
  • When stabbed, it is easily seen that the knife goes in around his chest area, near his nipple. Yet when you see him next, there is not a mark up there, but there is blood coming from his lower abdomen.
  • When the biker is thrown onto the stove you can clearly see the valves where the steam is coming from. It's not steam from his hands.
  • When the bartender follows the T-800 out and fires his shotgun in the air, the T-800 blinks as the noise makes him jump. Some tough robot eh?
  • After the T-800 exits the bar and takes the shotgun from the 'bar owner' he takes his arm down from the barrel and steps forward to get the glasses. The next scene his arm is back in the original position on the barrel.

Foster parents

Can a women be 'a kind of dick'?!

  • John Connor's foster mom gets the paper and it is lying right in the sprinkler's path. Later on she drops it on the table, it's bone dry.
  • Funny insiders info: Cool observation I found on the Net; The T-1000, in the form of John's foster mother, stabs Todd Voight through a carton of Lady Lee brand milk. Immediately after this film's release, the design and color scheme of Lady Lee milk cartons were changed :)


Playing games, learning strategies?

  • In the Galleria shootout scene, the T-800 fires a total of 7 shots from his Winchester 1887 at the T-1000. Impossible. The 1887's tubular magazine can only hold 5 rounds, or 6 at a pinch (put one in the reciever and then load normally). But this still doesn't work out, as when John sees him for the first time, the T-800 cocks the shotgun. Either way it still wouldn't amount to 7 shots.
  • During the first shoot-out, the T-800 shields John Connor from shots fired by the T-1000. The jacket now has holes in it. But later, before the T-1000 throws the T-800 out of the store window, the holes in the jacket are gone.
  • When John Connor runs away to get to his dirtbike, he runs down a series of stairs. Every time he passes a door it reads the level he's currently on. You will see he passes level 2 twice.

Truck chase

How many gears does a bike have?

  • During the chase several cars are 'trashed' by the semi. In one scene the truck hits 2 cars which, if paused, shows that both cars were parked across the main road -front bumper to front bumper- blocking the main road in the process, making it impossible for the truck to miss them.
  • Looking closer you can see 'no one' is driving the cars.
  • The shadows are inconsistent from shot to shot. Understandable, as each shot was made at different times during the day, but still noticeable.
  • John's bike has over 15 gears :)
  • In some shots it can clearly be seen that a stunt-double is driving the bike.

Canal chase

One of the most original chases in movie history...

  • Everone knows that the scene where the truck drives off of the bridge is actually a scene that was flipped for the movie, including a digitally flipped street sign. However, if you look closely at the truck's name on the grill, it is still reading backwards ;).
  • After the truck has driven off the bridge, the suspension and steering gear has collapsed and shifted (severely) to the driver's left. A moment later, the alignment is perfect.
  • On the same 'jump' the windshield of the semi pops off, but in the next scene the windshield is back.
  • After its jump, when you view the T-1000 driving (music starts), you can see the reflection of crew-members and their lighting-equipment in the metal just below the window of the drivers seat.
  • When the T-800 is still driving on the side of the canal, and the truck below, you can see that the pipes on the truck appear and dissappear in different scenes.
  • Before the T-800 makes his 'jump' from the ledge into the canal, as he approaches the end of the wall, through the T-800's point of view on the bike you see the wall clearly extends to a point. On the very next scene as he makes the jump the point has all of a sudden gone from a point to a squared off edge. Obviously the jump would have been a disaster if the edge was pointed.
  • During the T-800 jump into the canal... if you look at his face and hair while he is airborne, you can clearly see it's a stunt double.
  • The T-800 is trying to pass the truck. In one shot the truck has a licence plate, in another it has gone.
  • The right head-light of the truck is gone before John is lifted of of his bike by the T-800. In other shots its still there.
  • In one shot, the left front tire of the truck is flat, in other scenes its inflated again.
  • The truck crashes into a bridge. Watch closely as the truck hits it. The T-1000 is not in the driver's seat. Instead, he is replaced with a cheap crash dummy!
  • After the truck has exploded, the man behind young John Connor on the Harley is a stunt double which, embarrassingly, looks nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • The battery lead ignites the fuel (Diesel) of the semi. This is not possible according to most of our contacts. But on the contrary... the flash point of it is very high (assuming the fuel aerated enough... and splashing fuel very conceivably would have). So Diesel does ignite!
  • After the truck has exploded, the T-800 takes his shotgun out and cocks it to aim at the rolling wheel. After realising it is a flaming tyre, he leaves. However, after stopping to relate his mission to John, the T-800 ejects the (fully loaded?) cartridge and reloads again.

Pay phone

Need a quarter? Get yourself a Terminator!

  • John Connor is trying to call his step mom. The T-800 punches the phone and puts a massive dent in it and coins roll out. If you look at the bottom of the phone before he punches it there is already a dent/hole in it.
  • After John Connor is screaming, they are confronted by two men. There is a car seen behind the two men as they walk towards John and the T-800. After the fight they run off in the same direction as they came from, but the car is missing.
  • How can a 10 year old boy push the Terminators arm away? The Terminator's arm must have some very heavy (fixed) hydraulic parts in its arm, when pointing a gun towards a target.
  • John Connor takes the gun away from the T-800. When the T-800 has the gun it is cocked. When John takes it, it isn't. It goes back and forth a few times like that, scene to scene.


Sarah's hospital ordeal, police and Terminators on the prowl!

  • Sarah Connor is training in her cell. She has pushed her bed against the wall so she can do pull-ups. In this scene her armpits are beautifully shaved. There is no way mental healthcare workers would let a woman that dangerous anywhere near a razor.
  • Dr. Silberman introduces the team of shrinks to Sarah Connor. She asks him how his knee is. He tells the team that she stabbed him in the knee a few weeks ago. Later in the movie, she says that her behaviour has been good for six months, therefore deserving a transfer to minimum security wing, where she can see her son. How can that be if she stabbed the doctor only a few weeks before?
  • When Sarah Connor is watching the old interview of herself on the TV, you can see her reflection on the screen, but you can also see the reflection of crew members and cameras as well.
  • In one scene, the police shows Sarah a picture of the T-800 taken from a surveillance camera at the police station back in 1984. But in those pictures, the T-800 has the same haircut as in the rest of Terminator 2: Judgement Day movie. In the first Terminator film, Arnie has longer hair and a different haircut.
  • When the security officer buys the cup of coffee he checks the poker cards on the cup and says: "I've got a Full house!" But he has only 2 pairs; a pair of J and A... plus the card under the cup is a Q. When he's killed by the T-1000, the cup drops on the floor and the Q is no longer visible (or at least nothing that reassambles it)!
  • When Sarah Connor hits the hospital guy with half a broom, you can see it bend like rubber in slow mo.
  • Sarah Connor breaks her doctor's arm. She informs him that there are 215 bones in the human body. Actually there are only 206 bones in the human body.
  • Before the T-800 enters the parking-lot, he shoots the security-guard. A blood spatter is visible on the booth. But later, when he drives of with John on the motorcycle, the blood spatter is gone.
  • When the T-800 is rescuing Sarah Connor from the staff members (who are trying to sedate her), he throws one of the staffers through the glass panel of a door towards the camera. You can see the spring-pad they use to boost the actor through the window at the bottom of the frame.
  • When the T-800 throughs the other staff member through against the armored window of the corridor, you can clearly see the difference in tone of the window, next to the others. Fake glass colours differently then real glass.
  • The T-1000 walks straight through a metal-barred door. If you look closely, you'll see he passed the doctor. However, in the next sequence when the T-1000 is shooting his gun at the T-800, he is way behind him.
  • When the T-800 is running towards the elevator (protecting Sarah and John Connor from the bullets fired by the T-1000), he and the elevator door are hit by 26 bullets. That's impossible. The gun he is using is a Beretta 9 mm. Even if double stacked it is impossible to fire this many shots.
  • The T-800 is holding a Winchester 1887 which can only contain 5 rounds, or 6 at a pinch. But he fires 7 shots: 3 outside and 4 inside the elevator.
  • When the threesome are in the elevator and the T-1000 opens the elevator doors, the T-800 shoots and it's head explodes. If you put it in slow mo, you can clearly see that the T-1000's head is already split down the middle.
  • Sarah orders a policeman to leave his car, shooting once through the windscreen. Later on, during the night, the windscreen has miraculously reverted to normal, with no trace of the gunshot mark.
  • When the T-1000 is chasing them out of the hospital, the license plate on the cop car changes several times. Thus far we could count 5 instances, with licenseplates being 999273, 999232, 999001, 999013 and 999018.
  • Additionally, in the last scene, where the car is driving fast in reverse, the stunt drivers head is clearly visible sticking up from inside the truck driving the car from the back.
  • After the T-1000 has chased the police-car and eventually reached it's hood, it's smashing the back window with his crowbar like arms. The window is smashed and the rubber is split. Later, when the camera pans back to the window, the rubber is fully intact and not broken.
  • After they drive through the night, Sarah hugs John to check for injuries. Though she does have a cut T-shirt, The cut on her should is gone.


The Terminator gets fixed by Sarah.

  • You can see light coming through the T-800 jacket, as John Connor holds it to the light. Later on in the movie, when they are going after Sarah, the jacket has no holes.
  • From the deleted/extended chip removal scene: When they pull out the chip to deactivate the Terminator, John could not have moved the arm. When a hydrolic machine is switched off, it will normally freeze its motoristic functions. All mechanical parts must be holding tight?! This is however a debateable misstake.
  • From the deleted/extended chip removal scene: In one shot, the reflection of John in the mirror is incorrect.


Judgment Day is on August 29, 1997.

  • In T2 Sarah knows the exact date for Judgment Day (August 29, 1997), but it is never mentioned in T1, set in 1984. Kyle only told her: "There was a nuclear war... a few years from now". Sure, one could say that the Terminator says this to her in these scene, but she already knew it in the mental hospital scenes, where we hear her say it on tape. How could she have known?


Aquiring new cars and lots of weapons!

  • In both first two movies it's made clear that dogs react badly to Terminator robots; barking, snarling, etc. But when Sarah, John and the T-800 arrive at the dessert and meet Sarah's Mexican friend, several small dogs are shown and they don't react to the Terminator at all.
  • The T-800 and John Connor are underneath the pickup truck, doing some repairs. At one moment the T-800 is tightening a bolt a wrench and lets out a very audible grunt. Does a robot have problems with strain?
  • When Sarah carves 'NO FATE' into the wooden table top, the knife jumps around to face the other direction when the shot changes from the close-up of the blade to the full view of Sarah.
  • When the Terminator and John are at the wooden table top, John explains how 'the whole thing goes' and states, "There's no fate but what we make". The message which Kyle Reese had to memorize never said that. John must have extrapolated his own sentence out of the past message. To quote T1: "Thank you Sarah for your courage though the dark years. I can't help you with what you must soon face, except to say the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive or I'll never exist." Not a biggie, but interesting anyway ;).

Miles Dyson

The inventor of the chip gets some 'news'.

  • After shooting Miles Dyson in the shoulder the camera pans back and forth from him to her. In each shot of Dyson in his living room, the magazines on the coffee table are scattered, then stacked, then scattered again.
  • Sarah and John Connor are hugging. Each scene that follows, back and forth, you can see a different time-index on John's watch.
  • After the T-800 uses John Connor's switchblade to remove the skin on his forearm, the wires controlling the prosthetic arm are visible underneath his shirt.


Trying to prevent Judgment Day from ever happening.

  • When Miles Dyson is heading for the vault with the first terminator's chip and arm, he walks through a door and holds it open for some-one else. The cameraman following him?
  • On his way however he walks straight through a sealed lab with fully suited technicians who for all appearance are trying to keep the area contaminant free? So why walk through?
  • When the T-1000 is entering Dyson's house, he hears on the police radio that Sarah Connor is at '2111 Kramer'. Later, just as the police show up at Cyberdyne's offices, the voice over the radio gives the address as '2144 Kramer'.
  • Just after the T-800 has shot the police cars with the Gatling gun, he uses a grenade launcher to fire a grenade through the side window of a police car below. Look carefully and you will see a rectangular package, presumably a small charge fitted by the special effects team, on this side window exactly where the window smashes to simulate the grenade smashing the glass a split second before exploding inside the car.
  • Earlier the T-1000 had stolen a police-motorbike. You can clearly see this was a highway-bike, but when he's climbing the staircase in Cyberdyne it's a cross-motorbike.
  • When the T-800 steps out through the corridor, being shot by several SWAT team members, you can see a crew-member strolling along behind them, behind the windows.
  • When the T-800 shoots up the police cars, we see his point-of-view display showing '0.0 Human Casualties.' Exactly how does one calculate a tenth of a casualty? (Note: The T-800 may be using the military definition of a casualty where an injury is a casualty. Maybe 0.1 casualty would be a broken arm?!)
  • The T-800 uses 203 grenade launcher (equivalent to the M-79). Both use the same round, which has a safety feature built into it which doesn't allow it to explode for at least 26 meters or so. This is so you don't blow yourself up when firing the weapon. The T-800 however is able to blast doors at a range of like 10 feet. This wouldn't be possible.
  • In the explosion at the Cyberdyne building, the third shot of the explosion you see a white car, and some other cars that aren't police cars. In the next shot of the explosion, you don't see the cars anymore.
  • The T-800 acquired the van and drives into the building through the glass doors. When the truck makes a 180 degree turn to stop close to the the corridor, you can clearly see that the left door is closed. When John and Sarah Connor make a run for the van, the door has miraculously opened?!
  • The T-1000 drives his bike through the glass of the Cyberdyne Systems building to get onto the helicopter. During this jump the windshield falls off. When you see it drop to the ground, the windshield is still attached to the bike.
  • The T-1000 punches his head through the window of the helicopter to get inside. An instant later, when he's inside (and transformed to a solid state) the hole in the windshield is gone.
  • After the T-1000 got inside the helicopter, he tells the pilot to get out. Watch as the pilot jumps out; the door shuts properly. The camera then cuts back inside where the T-1000 proceeds to close the door for a second time.
  • Normally, a police-helicopter is always seated by two officers, not just one.

Helicopter chase

You need three hands to fly and shoot!

  • During the shoot-out between the T-1000 and Sarah Connor, splatter marks on the Swat-truck appear different in different scenes.
  • The helicopter explodes about five feet before it hits the Swat-truck.
  • When the van tips over, you can see that its roof has many bullet holes. But in different shots, they are relocated or disappear alltogether.

Tanker chase

Something's freezing in here?!

  • The T-800 fires his grenade launcher and all the bullet does is dent the grill work on the tanker truck.
  • When the truck with liquid nitrogen hits the steel mill gate and the T-800 falls down, at one point you can see the two wires on his shoulders that keep him in the air.
  • When the nitrogen truck with the T-1000 overturns, you can see 2 wires pulling the truck. If those wires didn't exist, the truck would never slide the way it does.
  • Throughout the whole scene when the truck full of liquid nitrogen is sliding on its side, you can obviously see the tracks on the floor inside the factory that the camera rolls on.
  • As the tanker truck is sliding along the ground the sparks can be seen not to be coming from directly under the tanker, but ejecting from small canisters slightly higher up the vehicle.

Steel mill

Lets melt some 'emimetic poly alloy'!

  • When Sarah and John Connor drive the pickup-truck into the steel mill, they end up crashing into a forklift at 25 to 35 miles per hour. Neither is wearing seatbelts. Yet they are not launched through the windshield and do not get injured at all.
  • In a steel mill... there is no place or process where you have a big open pool of liquid steel.
  • The T-1000 and T-800 are throwing eachother against several metal surfaces. In one instance you can clearly see that Robert Patrick is relaced by a stunt double (when the T-1000 is smashed head first into the metal).
  • After the T-800 attacks the T-1000 with a steel pole, the T-1000 backkicks the T-800, and the T-800 falls backwards, flinging the metal bar off to the right hand side behind him as he falls. There is a clanging sound effect of the metal bar hitting something behind. However, when the camera goes back onto the T-1000, the metal bar is still in his waist.
  • The T-800 arm is caught in the wheel. The T-800 rips his own arm off and stands up. If you look closely (slow mo can help) you can see his real arm stretched behind his back under his leather jacket, within a gray sock, wearing a wrist-watch.
  • Whats the point of throwing the arm of the first Terminator in the pool of steel, when the Terminators own lower arm is still trapped in the wheel? So much for removing evidence!
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