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“ The best videos of all the movies and other saga related items. All archived in the one and only Terminator Files. ”

Its not without meaning that we say... We've got detailed files ;)

Terminator video download

Terminator video archives

Main info

Some time in the making (almost two years now), but never ever finished. Now, for the first time ever, we are proud to provide the most detailed video archive of the Terminator saga, with some in-depth videos related to the movies, comics, collectibles, the coolest fanmade movies, some spoofs and lots more still awaiting launch.

Sure. Most trailers and teasers of the Terminator movies are available throughout lots of other sites, but do they have them in lots of different formats and resolutions too? Do they have that special video about Arnold in his make-up chair for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines? Do they have the best quality available, without any disclaimer intros? Do they show you their own formatted files, generally in Flash, which can only be viewed on their site?

Not at! We provide you free downloads of all Terminator related media in the best kind of quality files we could find ourselfs. And we are continuesly searching the net for more! The best Terminator fanportal just got better.

Check out the different video sections below, download your preferred formats and watch it over and over again on your own computer.

Help keep us online! Please keep your downloads to a minimum. If several formats (be it in size or extension) of the same video are available, choose your prefered download and only download that zip. Downloading all content only increases our bandwidth exponentially. This way you'll help to keep this archive available online for many years to come. Thanx in advance!

All linked downloads open in a new tab/window.

Gaming video galleries

Video downloads for several of the games of the Terminator saga. More to be added as soon as possible.

Saga video galleries

Video downloads for all the movies, tv-series and attractions. From teaser to trailers to inside info, we have them all!

Various video galleries

Next to games or movies, we also feature videos from fans themselfs, collectible reviews, exclusive videos and more!

Host and share your stuff?!

Are you interested in hosting and sharing your files on Want to promote your own stuff for the enjoyment of interested fans and/or other parties? Then get into contact with the STAFF behind the Files! We'll help you promote your own products for sales or free sharing purposes, through this and other sections!

Or... got a personal/commercial project you are working on right this instance (or one from the past)? Then include it in our FanProjects section, with added images, videos, info or whatever else you want to include! Check here for more detailed info!

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