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“ Again the same as Arnie, this figure has really grown on me, and could well end up in my top 5 female 1/6 figures. ”

Jeff Parker about the 12-inch T-X

12'' T-X from Popsalute review

Date: April 11th, 2005
By: Jeff Parker

Popsalute Terminator 3 T-X. As far as intro blurb goes, see my last review for the Popsalute T-850, as this is very much his companion piece. All I will say is that these two figures show another missed opportunity for a US manufacturer, as to the best of my knowledge there has never been a 1/6 scale poseable, fabric dressed terminator figure. Lets see if she measures up?

Packaging - ****

As I said last time this is nice packaging from a new company. She comes with less in the way of accessories than the T-850 so the box is literally half the size (i.e. the usual size for a single 1/6 scale figure). It is as, with the T-850 full colour with an overall blue tint feel to it; logos on all four sides again, production credits etc on the back, and a pic of the T-X's face on the front, half human, half endoskeleton. Pull open the flap and there's another pic of the face (fully human) on the left and she sits on the right in the window box. Slide her out and open the clam shell (no twisties again!!!) and there she lies with her three accessories, a hand gun, a laser bean (sic) cannon right arm (I'm sure they mean 'beam' unless there's a scene of her gathering produce from her vegetable patch) and lastly a saw cutter left arm.

Sculpting - ***1/2

The hands seem much more of a standard sculpt than the T-850 so the only real sculpting is the head and arm attachments. Well as I'm not that familiar with the actress Kristanna Loken I had to do a quick Google search... and very pleasant it was too. They've definitely captured something of her whilst at the same time doing her a disservice. She's a very pretty girl and most of the pics I found, were of her in roles other than the T-X or 'Terminatrix' as she's known in more kinky circles. But when you see her as the T-X there is definitely a lot more than a passing resemblance. But in this sculpt they've gone for a completely emotionless expression - probably deliberate but it does make her look more like a mannequin and less like a real person. I'll cover the arm attachments in accessories.

Paint - ***

All very tight and clean, but lacking something I can't quite put my finger on. I think it kind of needs some shading around the cheeks or something, it's kind of so perfect she looks like a Stepford wife... I don't know maybe I'm being too harsh cos this really is perfectly acceptable, especially as she's meant to be a robot.

Articulation - ***1/2

A really nice body with no loose joints. It reminds me a lot of the Toycom 'Ghost in the Shell' (reviewed elsewhere on the this site) figure from a few years ago, but this definitely isn't exactly the same. It is however, like the 'Ghost in the Shell' figure anatomically accurate so all you perv kitbashers out there can make of that what you will.

Accessories - ***

As I mentioned above, a S&W automatic pistol, and the two arm attachments. These are nicely put together and seem pretty accurate to pics I've seen on the Web. They're both given an overall silver paint job with a few wires picked out in blue here and there. Then the whole thing is weathered to give them that 'used' look. To fit them you simply pull the hands off the slot them over the top, both fit well and look pretty authentic.

Outfit - ***1/2

Again like the Arnie figure a great outfit consisting of boob tube, half sleeve leather jacket, leather trousers and brown high heeled boots. The only reason for deducting that 1/2 star is that after looking at photos on the Web, her outfit was pretty skin tight, here it isn't. But I guess if it was that tight articulation might have suffered again, and here it doesn't. No such problems with the boob tube, that fits so tight you can tell she was sculpted on a cold day!

Fun Factor - ****

No loose joints unlike Arnie, so I can't see any reason for anything other than a perfect score, she's easily as play friendly as any Cy-Girl, even if she does share their pretty/vacant/stepford wife expression.

Value - ***

I'm giving her the same score as Arnie, as although she is cheaper, you kind of get less for your money. And although I don't know how many of these will be made (they're not numbered like the T-850) I can't help but think that in years to come they will be rarer, as there just wont be the demand for the numbers to be manufactured that there is for the T-850.

Overall - ***1/2

Again the same as Arnie, this figure has really grown on me as I've written this review, and could well end up in my top 5 female 1/6 figures (along with The Dragon- Abbey Chase, Sideshow- Pussy Galore and Bride of Frankenstein and the Cy-girl Aurora (she just pips Cy-girl Destiny)).

Where to Buy

Same as the T-850. It's gonna have to be eBay, if any one out there knows of U.S stockists, let me or more importantly Michael know.


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