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“ As if you ever really see your desktop. You are probably to busy surfing our site ;) ”

Sure. We too see it, occasionally, ...soo why not enhance it?!

Terminator desktop wallpapers

Desktop wallpaper

Main info

There are probably hundreds, nee, thousands of Terminator related desktops available on the net. We at TerminatorFiles however only provide those that we think are the most exclusive or special kinds. Most of our desktops are made available in all common resolution settings (from 800-600px upto 1600-1200px). In some cases at least a 1024-768 version is made available (which is also the default when clicking the main image in the list).

Check the additional formats per section and download your prefered desktop! All images will open in a new browser tab/window for easy download. Got something to add yourself? Then be sure to contact us!

  • PC: Right click on the image and select "Set as wallpaper".
  • Mac (OS 9): Drag the image onto your desktop then click the "Desktop" tab in the appearance control panel and drag the picture onto the sample screen. Click "Set Desktop".
  • Mac (OS X): Drag the image onto your desktop then open System Preferences and click "Desktop". Drag the image from your desktop to the "Current Desktop Picture" sample screen.

TerminatorFiles desktops

The depicted endoskeletons are based on M. Miller's 3D render which has become the official basis (under licence) for all our site promitions. The red and black themes were part of our old website.

Our 3rd desktop features the fans that are running this Terminator fanportal. The V-850 and M-800 are on one mission: Global dominance over any- and everything Terminator related! Special thanks to Resin Movie Reproductions for providing us the Phased Plasma Rifles.

© TerminatorFiles / M. Miller

TerminatorFiles Desktop #01 TerminatorFiles Desktop #01
800-600 | 1024-768 | 1152-864 | 1280-960 | 1280-1024 | 1600-1200
TerminatorFiles Desktop #02 TerminatorFiles Desktop #02
800-600 | 1024-768 | 1152-864 | 1280-960 | 1280-1024 | 1600-1200
V-850 & M-800 Terminator fans desktop V-850 & M-800
800-600 | 1024-768 | 1152-864 | 1280-960 | 1280-1024 | 1600-1200

Latest updates

Find direct links towards all our latest updates, with some special remarks attached. We hereby want to thank everybody that sent in their fantastic desktops for sharing with the rest of the community. Keep them coming!

The newest launched Windows and Macintosh wallpapers are featured in several easy to browse subsections. Click thumbnail for latest additions or check each section (with indicated ammount) for all the available desktops, each in six resolutions ranging from 800-600 upto 1600-1200 pixels!

Collectible desktops Collectibles (5)
5 cool collectibles desktops of McFarlane Toys!
Comic desktops Comics (3)
Cool revamped desktop based on painting by comic artist Gulacy
Endoskeleton desktops Endoskeleton (15)
3D imagery used in T:SCC commercials, by Silhouette Images Inc
Fan art desktops Fan art (30)
Very cool fanmade drawing by Cobes!
Gaming desktops Gaming (9)
Inspired by Nintendo classic T2 game
The Terminator desktops The Terminator (6)
Desktop image from T1 DVD site (of we are not mistaken)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day desktops T2: Judgment Day (2)
Desktop of T2 Laserdisc. Section needs more! Send them in!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles desktops Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC) (13)
Nine new T:SCC season 2 desktops!
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines desktops T3: Rise of the Machines (18)
One of the better full-color T3 promotional movie posters
Terminator 4: Salvation desktops T4: Salvation (26)
14 new official T4 desktops

Host and share your stuff?!

Are you interested in hosting and sharing your files on Want to promote your own stuff for the enjoyment of interested fans and/or other parties? Then get into contact with the STAFF behind the Files! We'll help you promote your own products for sales or free sharing purposes, through this and other sections!

Or... got a personal/commercial project you are working on right this instance (or one from the past)? Then include it in our FanProjects section, with added images, videos, info or whatever else you want to include! Check here for more detailed info!

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