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“ The best Terminator comic artists, presented right on your desktop! ”

Thanx to all the artists that (un)officially contributed

Comic desktop

Comic desktops

Main info

Featuring work from lots of sources, either scanned in by fans or found on the net on artist galleries. Official drawings made by the artists rehashed to fabulous desktop environments.

© Gulacy / Phaota

Latest addition

Check the latest addition, download, install and renew your desktop!

Gulacy Endoskeleton Fire desktop Gulacy Endoskeleton Fire
800-600 | 1024-768 | 1152-864 | 1280-960 | 1280-1024 | 1600-1200

Desktop downloads

Download cool desktops in your prefered format. All links open a new tab/window.

Phaota Future Battleground desktop Phaota Future Battleground
800-600 | 1024-768 | 1152-864 | 1280-960 | 1280-1024 | 1600-1200
Gulacy Endoskeleton Infiltrator desktop Gulacy Endoskeleton Infiltrator
800-600 | 1024-768 | 1152-864 | 1280-960 | 1280-1024 | 1600-1200

Host and share your stuff?!

Are you interested in hosting and sharing your files on Want to promote your own stuff for the enjoyment of interested fans and/or other parties? Then get into contact with the STAFF behind the Files! We'll help you promote your own products for sales or free sharing purposes, through this and other sections!

Or... got a personal/commercial project you are working on right this instance (or one from the past)? Then include it in our FanProjects section, with added images, videos, info or whatever else you want to include! Check here for more detailed info!

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