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“ Its a really smart script that has a lot of funny stuff in it and -you know- great action and great -you know- scifi aspects to it... ”

J.K. Simmons on Terminator: Genesis script

J.K. Simmons talks Terminator: Genesis (video)

Sat 14 Jun 2014 | 19h28 GMT+1
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Total Film talked to J.K. Simmons at Cannes 2014, and he talks a bit about his role, his co-stars and what Terminator: Genesis is like in comparison to its predecessors.

Check out their video, or skip it and read our transcript below.

Video transcript

Here is a little transcript we typed out for you all, especially handy for the windy sections ...or the stuttering of uhm's and oh's ;).

"Actually the character that I play is a character that has appeared in any of the Terminator films before. The main four characters played by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator), Jason Clarke (John Connor), Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor) and Jay Courtney (Kyle Reese), all of whom I met just recently, you know, we had a sitting around the table reading of the script, which was awesome, and all of them are going to be brilliant in these characters."

"My character is a small part, who comes in part-way through the film, and adds a ...mmm... I can't talk about it... Ha! My hands are tied, I am terrified that I'm going to say something that I'm not supposed to say, but I... honestly, I was intrigued when they first expressed interest in having me do it, but a little sceptical about, you know, the script."

"And then, once I read the script, it was really wonderful. Its a really smart script that has a lot of funny stuff in it and -you know- great action and great -you know- scifi aspects to it... I think its going to be a real good movie."

"This to me, harkens back to the original two, from what I have seen way back in the prior century, but with a contemporary sensibility, and with a, I think, a more of an injection of humour actually, but -well-, its going to be a great combination of a sort of familiar turf for fans of 'that world' that James Cameron created all those years ago, but also a stand-alone thing that I think will succeed, with or without that content."

Funny script

So, this isn't the first time, J.K. Simmons tells us that the script is funny and the movie has many funny elements. Lets hope its not going to be to much fun, like some director once tried in T3: Rise of the Machines.

Funny script? Are we afraid... or over protective of our beloved franchise? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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