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“ The picture of the call-sheet leaked a month ago on Reddit's Terminator sub-forum and flew under the radar, until now. ”

Andrew McMahon reported

The leaked vids and that call-sheet thingie

Thu 29 May 2014 | 18h28 GMT+1
Info: TF News

Within a few days, a lot of interesting Terminator related news came online... to only get deleted again. Is Paramount Pictures too tight-lipped about the Terminator: Genesis project, or is this a good thing?!

What we have learned so far from all of this, is that if news appears online and seems legit and/or exclusive enough for you, then you should make a backup for yourself. Or check Google's cached pages. Hahaha! ;).

Leaked vids?

Soo... someone filmed three short sequences of trucks driving behind some walls, heavy guns firing and a few explosions, of which some looked a lot like the purple-blueish flares explosions we've become to known from the future sequences. Or so we fantasize, now.

Before we even gave the videos our own fanmade twist and fantasy, as written above, TerminatorFiles did not take the 'shitty grainy unprofessional iPhone videos' that much thought... until they got removed.

Paramount Pictures Corporation apparently thought otherwise, contacted YouTube with a claims of copyright infringement and got the users account 'terminated'. No pun intended; that is exactly as YouTube called it.

Lots of sites now no longer have the videos, either due to the fact they only linked to the YouTube source, or not having copied them when they became available online. Nor did we, to be honest. We still don't think much about the filmed footage. Some other fans DID make backups ;).

Strike one. Onwards to killing more news!

That call-sheet thingie

Then a call-sheet leaked from a 'Vista 2nd Unit', featuring blurry information about a specific to be filmed scene involving Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and a T-1000... and actor Byung-hun Lee who is apparently going to portray this deadly poly-alloy liquid Terminator.

An article, written by enthusiastic Terminator fan Andrew McMahon (also a member of our TerminatorFiles' Forums), had some interesting details about this scene and featured a (yet again, grainy... doesn't anyone know how to handle a phone camera?!) photograph of said call-sheet.

The picture of the call-sheet leaked a month ago on Reddit's Terminator sub-forum and flew under the radar until now.

Andrews article extrapolated upon the info described within the call-sheet. Vista is the name used for the movie while filming.


The call-sheet details a chase scene involving Sarah Connor (Elimia Clarke), Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney)... and a T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee), who is going to be dressed as a police officer, riding the hood of a police car and liquefying through bullet holes.

Andrew checked some of his sources, including IMDB, and found information which seamed to make this call-sheet legit. This is now 'officially' confirmed ... because just a day later, his article on was deleted.

We were assured that any other site (give or take, since we still know of some) which features the image of the call-sheet, either get a nice email asking them to remove it... or, as reports, 'are being presented with cease and desist letters from the legal department over at Paramount.'

Some of our own sources assured us that the spoiler alert itself wouldn't harm... so we've featured it in this article. Until we get a call ourselves, that is ;).

Flickering Myth also has its own story, and spoiler, and has been requested to remove their copy of the call-sheet.

Strike two. What is next?

Too tight-lipped... or a good thing?

The videos weren't that spectacular, were they? The call-sheet thingie being removed, well, that seems quite logic. This many details on one piece of paper? You wouldn't want your info of any upcoming project to become available online for anyone to report on, now would you?!

Some think that Paramount is a bit too tight-lipped and think that any new news will get scrapped the instance it becomes online, or can only be made available if its officially released by the studios involved in making the movie.

Some think its a good thing. The less we know, the better the movie could be! If only the studios do not reveal to much in their own trailers... as so many do ;).

Any ideas? Have your own say in the comments below!


The Daily Mail has an article up with a few more leaked images. It can clearly be seen that these photos have been shot in secret, from behind clothing, a hand or something blocking the bottom of the screen. Another great 'mobile shot', anyone?

Fansites, like for instance TAFs, are already reporting they are asked to remove the photos. Its to be seen when the article of The Daily Mail is removed also.

Strike three. Thats what was next!

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