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“ Remember the fabulous fanmade trilogy Terminator vs. Robocop, by AMDS Films? EP1 has been redone and features new footages of this big robot battle! ”

AMDS Films re-presents!

Terminator vs. Robocop - EP1 Extended Cut

Sat 24 May 2014 | 23h51 GMT+1

Fans might remember the fabulous Terminator vs. Robocop fanmade trilogy, by AMDS Films. Well... the creator Antonio Maria Da Silva (AMDS) has remade the first episode and added three whole new minutes to the battle of these awesome robots.

Exclusive Extended Cut - The War Begins - Remastered 2014

Antonia contacted us himself to tell us he uploaded a new version of his fanmade robot mash-up.

Hello, I am the creator of TERMINATOR VERSUS ROBOCOP, today I go a long version and remastered from the latest bluray. 2M30 more action and more with a new ending, do not hesitate to share if you like, thank you!

This version is a remastered version with an additional THREE minutes of battling robot footage. The 'original version' was uploaded around February 2013.

Trilogy continues

After that battle, we're sure you are interested in watching Episodes 2 and 3. Well... the are posted below!

Thanks to AMDS for reminding us off his awesome fanmade videos!

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