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“ This year brings us a total new version of our fansite! ”

v3.0 has launched May 2010

Terminator news archives 2010

News archives from 2010

Main info

TerminatorFiles once had 1500+ articles reporting on just about anything Terminator related. These were either articles by fansites around us, or lots of official (news) sources online, that were rehashed on our own fansite.

During our rebuild we have pondered about reincluding all this news, but eventually (and this has not gone lightly) decided to scrap all the news from way back when.

This leaves us more time to focus on fresh fanmade contents, as well as archive all images, videos, sounds and lots of other files (hence our name). Which is why we started this fansite in the first place!

Our v3.0 fansite was relaunched in May. Soo these archives are from May and upwards. Check out our progress in renewing our fandom... and get ready for lots more to come. As ever... all in due time.






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