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“ The second season of T:SCC also featured high-res images being released before each episode aired. FOX continued its effort to promote the T:SCC as best it can! ”

Check these official released screens below

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 screens

T:SCC Season 2 official screens

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Episode 1 - Samson and Delilah

Episode 2 - Automatic for the People

Episode 3 - The Mousetrap

Episode 4 - Allison from Palmdale

Episode 5 - Goodbye to All That

Episode 6 - The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short

Episode 7 - The Brothers of Nablus

Episode 8 - Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today

Episode 9 - Complications

Episode 10 - Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point

Episode 11 - Self Made Man

Episode 12 - Alpine Fields

Episode 13 - Earthlings Welcome Here

Episode 14 - The Good Wound

Episode 15 - Desert Cantos

Episode 16 - Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep

Episode 17 - Ourselves Alone

Episode 18 - Today is the Day (Part 1)

Episode 19 - Today is the Day (Part 2)

Episode 20 - To The Lighthouse

Episode 21 - Adam Raised a Cain

Episode 22 - Born to Run

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