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“ This review is very detailed and might spoil the attraction. So if you are still going to see T2:3D, then do NOT read on. ”

Sort of disclaimer for cool article ;)

An in-depth T2:3D review
It's more of a show then a ride as suggested

From: Fan review sent in to
Date: May 10, 2003
By: 'Mosquito'

The review by a 13 times visitor

Right well here goes, I recently visited Florida/Orlando (International Drive) and went to the famous Universal studios. We, my brother in law and myself (and a pretty pissed off wife and two kids back in the UK!) went to Florida last November, and arrived back in the UK on Dec 13Th.

The first and only attraction for us was the Mecca of all Terminator fans; the T2:3D show!

We waited outside the building and took some pictures, of the Cyberdyne Systems Corporate Headquarters, very stylish and modern. Outside is a giant chrome logo. As you walk into the reception you are greeted by a guard wearing a Cyberdyne security uniform. The whole entrance feels very 'Corperate' and there are photos of items with Cyberdyne's newly developed weapons and human interactive aids such as missile systems for the foot soldier, and robotics household appliances.

Because we arrived in Nov, there were very short queues. The first thing you do is collect your polarised 3D specs from the large trays in the main lobby area.

All around you are stainless steel panels/granite walls and above are head monitors continually showing Cyberdyne technology! These short films are quite good, but reminded me of the Robocop film intros, probably done by the same people!

We queued for some 10 minutes, whilst the last show ended, and then were let into yet another area to wait, whilst we were briefed by a female Cyberdyne representative. We were told about what not to do whilst watching the presentation.

The lady presenter was as sickly in personality as one could find, a most annoying way of speaking to the crowd. This seemed to be deliberate. On two giant 9" screen monitor set ups (both left and right of the main doors to the cinema) we were introduced to the wonderfully perfect world of the Cyberdyne Butterfly, and how Cyberdyne can help grannies pick what ever TV program they like for them, tuck in bed a young child via remote endoskeleton arms, a mother who is at work on the other side of the planet blowing a kiss to her. A basket ball player who has an Endo eye implant to aid him shoot at the basket, and just as the film tries to show you its latest development it gets over-ridden by John & Sarah Connor, both original castings!

They are members of the resistance and are strongly urging you to leave now whilst you can! They show the future war scene film and eventually lose the breakthrough with their transmission.

A worried and angry Cyberdyne presenter apologises and carries on their film showing the newest military item; the T-70. The presentation ends and all enter the cinema to claim the best seats (which I feel after 10 showings must be 2 rows front dead center!). The cinema has 3 giant screens with side panels that burst into life with some six T-70 endoskeletons practising target shooting with laser cannons above your heads, a lot of noise, until from the ceilings drops Sarah Connor in full combat dress as she absales down onto the main stage. John Connor absales to the rear of the cinema.

Sarah Connor takes over at this point and shoots a stream of rounds at the main screen. This is where you must have your 3D specs on because the screen self heals similar to the T-1000! Whilst they are taking over, the screen starts to sparkle and a time transporter bubble appears, out of a trap door springs the T-1000 cop biker who starts to regain control of the stage.

Now enters yet another time bubble; this time its Arnie on his Harley Fatboy. It's driven by a track and pulley set-up, but this is hard to notice as its really dark so it won't spoil the impact of his arrival. Arnie fires his shot gun at the T-1000, and as he tries to regain his posture Arnie states "I told you I'd be back. Come with me if you want to live!".

Sarah runs off stage and Arnie fires again at the T-1000, who is regaining his pose again, and both Arnie and John as pillion passenger ride into the screen, and the future war scene begins.

This next scene is breathtaking, its the first real 3D scene I have ever experienced and I was BLOWN AWAY! The set, the size, and the load of explosions were as if I was in this movie itself!

The T-1000 re-enters through his time bubble. As Arnie sits on his bike the T-1000's arms both stretch out... straight into your face! This is real 3D! I was begging for more!

The chase starts. Arnie is driving as fast as possible, John clinging on for dear life, T1000 excelerating and catching up with the bike, taking swipe, after swipe at Johns back, but only tearing his combat jacket. This time Arnie turns around and lets loose a shot direct into the T-1000's face tearing it into two split half's as seen at hospital scene of T2 Judgment Day.

With the T-1000 now disabled John asks Arnie where they are going. Arnie replies that they are heading towards the Skynet main base, which can be seen in the background as a giant pyramid with giant laser cannons and Hunter Killer's hovering above.

As they ride they are spotted by a Aerial Hunter Killer, which pursues them, firing laser pulses, but missing by inches until one hit hits the rear wheel and both Arnie and John are catapulted into the air from the bike to land safely on the ground. Arnie cushions Johns impact with his body and they slide some meters on the hard underground.

They now run to a nearby destroyed carpark ruins, to shelter from this attack, but the Aerial Hunter Killer releases some six Mini Hunter Killers, which are the size of a chip frying pan and dart strait into the ruins to chase both Arnie and John.

One by one they search the ruins, and Arnie takes them out with some shot gun hits, but as they crash they explode, so care has taken when dealing with them. Arnie runs with John and takes several barrages of hits from two Mini-hunter's. He destroys one by shooting at it and one using his rifle as a baseball bat, striking it ...sending it careering down into a wall.

The last Mini-hunter is tricked by them; John exposes himself, and Arnie snatching it in mid-air and whacks it onto the wall, saying "Quit your Whining!". There's a pause and just then, Arnie shouts "Get down!" and the wall behind john explodes.

As the dust settles a bright red pin sharp laserbeam enters the large hole and an Endoskeleton steps in in full 3D! The gun barrel is literally stuck up your nose with the 3D effect! The Endo walks in looking for John, finding him crouching down behind some concrete. Just as the red laser pin points at John's forehead, Arnie shouts "Hey ugly!"... and throws the damaged Mini-hunter at it, causing it to explode and its scull spin upward and out of the screen... straight in your face in full 3D! BRILLIANT!

Both Arnie and John now follow on with the mission to infiltrate Skynets headquarters, and use mini nukes to finish off the job. They both run across the foreground and gain entry through giant doors as Arnie holds them open for John.

Once in the real stage actors take over, they run back and forth preparing as the whole front set becomes a stage and a 3 screen cinema. As the giant elevator descends you feel your seats rise, this makes you feel you are descending as well!

Once in the main core section, you can see a giant 3D workstation, lots of blue and grey piping, platforms and construction areas. The time bubble portal machine is to your right, and in the center is the processor pyramid, which is protected by the T1-meg; a giant liquid spider! It senses that an attack is imminent and start to defend the processor by stalking John and Arnie back and forth, screeching loudly at them, hissing and stabbing with both front legs ... which almost poke out your own eyes. Seeing is believing!

As its struts back and forth, John asks what's in that container just above the T1-meg? Arnie states Liquid Nitrogen, so john orders him to shoot the T1-meg with a pulse rifle, temporary disabling it. Then he orders Arnie to blow the tank just above it! This happens with an almighty flash and a bang, as the T1-meg freezes you can feel cold water sprinkling upon your arms and face! The 3D effect seems to show liquid particles floating all around you! Excellent effect!

This buys time for Arnie to manually set the time portal to return John back to his time, and get him out whilst he prepares to destroy the processor. John is reluctant to leave... but has to, because the T1-meg is regaining its size, and time is running out.

John takes a leap into the time bubble and Arnie swings from a cable suspended above towards the processor pyramid... just being missed by the last attempt of the T1-meg as he hits the top of the pyramid and shouts: "'HASTA LA VISTA BABY!". He slams the satchel bomb against the processor.

An almighty bang occurs as your seat drops by 1 inch, and you are enveloped in a foggy cloud of stage gas completely covering the first 10 front rows! When the dust settles the stage actors John and Sarah return for a mother son reunion, and a voice over of Sarah saying what the future holds for them!

The end!

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