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“ Arnold got a jet for playing his part, and I can hardly pay my one tickets from LA to Hawaii. I'll better stay close friends with Arnold. ”

Linda Hamilton joking around during the interview

I'll never want to be as famous as Arnold Schwarzenegger

From: Joepie Magazine (Belgium)
Date: 1991
By: Unknown

Linda Hamilton is tired. Understandable, because this is already the 17th interview she has given today. But she's not unfriendly. Absolutely not. Through her part as Sarah Connor in 'Terminator 2' she might have earned a rough image, but from the first moment our conversation begins, she's extremely kind and asks me about the weather in Europe. She's got something with Europe...

"Two years ago I bought a house in Arles, the plan being to spend a lot of time there, but unfortunately I haven't spent too much time in the house yet. I like Europe a lot more than America. Especially countries like France and Italy. Those countries have got enormous culture. Wonderful a country brimming over with history."

How about your history? The "Terminator" films and "Beauty and the Beast" is all we're acquainted with.

"These where the only big projects I'd played in until now. I'm more of a theatre person. That I ended up in the movies and on television is a matter of money. As an actress you don't earn that much on stage, and then you must fall back on television or film. And then you don't only earn more money, also a lot more people watch you. Even when you play in a series that isn't a big success, still at least a few million people watch you. Television is, in my opinion, the least interesting. There's very little chance for personal input. Working on a series is hardly different to working in a factory. I was lucky. "Beauty and the Beast" was made by the best television makers of that time. When I hear stories from actresses working on daily soaps I shiver."

What's your opinion about the making of movies?

"Movies bring the most joy at work. Especially movies like "Terminator". It is unbelievable what has changed during the seven years between the first "Terminator" and this sequel. Look at Arnold! Seven years ago he was still nerves for every scene he had to do, now only for certain ones. For a nude scene to be exact."

Where were you during that take?

"I was standing in front of him during that take (laughing). I'm not in that scene, but in the first "Terminator" there also was a scene where Arnold comes from the future naked, and then I also stood there with my nose right on top of it. Just checking if the dear man had changed personally the last seven years... (Laughing)"

It seems you have been preparing yourself for this part a lot?

"I've been working out about a half year before shooting began. Fitness and Bodybuilding. The most important reason for that was the character change of Sarah Connor. It's a thing you must build up slowly, and I'm really not that type of person. However it was great to work on my condition, because above all I had Arnold as a lovely companion!"

Are there disadvantages working with someone like Arnold? After all he gets all the attention...

"I think he earns it. There are people who claim that Arnold or Sylvester Stallone can only play dumb types, but I've never seen someone work as hard as Arnold. He has to prepare himself physically enormously, and he takes that very seriously. He earns all the honor he's got now."

Why didn't you grow to be a star after the first "Terminator"? After all, actually it was you playing the leading part?

"I'm glad you ask that, because I know that many make that remark but are afraid to ask, because they don't want to insult me with that question. If I really had wanted that, I could have taken similar rolls to that of "Terminator". Arnold chose that; only "Twins" and "Kindergarten Cop" were exceptions. I wouldn't want it like that; then people only recogniz you as the one having gained fame as..."

So you don't want to be as famous as Arnold now is?

"No. I might enjoy it for a while, but to drag all the public pressure with you. No thank you. I prefer being at home doing whatever i want to do or not knowing that nobody is watching me. I'm never recognized. Even at the premiere of "Terminator 2" the photographers didn't recognize me when I was passing by."

You live in Hawaii. Why not closer to Hollywood?

"Hawaii is so much nicer than this smog city. I do have a house here (Hollywood) as well; I don't want to sit in a hotel all the time when I'm here..."

Could you respond to the next words? Free Time?

"In my free time I'm in Hawaii doing only the things I like: swimming, writing or being busy working on the preparations for a theatre group which I founded together with some friends..."


"Not really important to me. My name isn't Schwarzenegger what means for the producers of "Terminator 2": lucky for them! (Laughing)"


"Yes! Arnold got a jet for playing his part, and I can hardly pay my one tickets from LA to Hawaii. I'll better stay close friends with Arnold."

Young Actors?

"There is a lot of young talent in Hollywood. Look at Edward Furlong (Her son in "Terminator 2"). 13 years old and full of talent. I don't know exactloy why, but it seems that youngsters are getting more and more talent for the movies. While shooting "Terminator 2" Arnold and I got Edward a birthday video camera. Now two weeks later we both got a tape from him with his very first home made video. At the moment young actors are so enthusiastic that they don't just concentrate on one facet but focus on the all the different aspects of filmmaking. Look at Kirk Cameron, Christina Applegate, Kiefer Sutherland or Lou Diamond Philips. They act, write and direct whole television shows or feature films. That's really incredible!"


"For me as unpredictable as the weather. I've been to asked to consider a new television series from the makers of "Dallas". If it goes through then fine, if it doesn't than something else will come up. Besides I have my own theatre group, and that demands a lot of energy."

Terminator 3?

"For now part 2 is a gigantic success. Who knows, maybe they will come up with an idea for a part 3. As long as the shooting of it wouldn't interfere with my vacation in the South of France Sarah Connor is definitely ready!"

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