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“ Got questions, contributions, interesting commercial oppertunities... or something
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Contact Terminator Files

Contact TerminatorFiles

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Interested in sharing info, want to send in news, got a personal question or official inquiry... or just want to drop us a mail? Then fill in the form below. If needed, we'll be in contact as soon as possible!

Your feedback, info and other additions are important to us! For quick inclusion into the site or a faster reply, enter all fields as short as possible. Please allow 48 hours for reviewing. If feedback is needed, we will reply to our best knowledge of the applied topic, additions, commercial proposition or other info.

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Enter the form below and contact us about anything Terminator related. All fields are required, including the anti-spam verification code, which is different every time the form is loaded. If things are incorrect, you will be prompted. Details about your addition will be talked about through further e-mail contacts, if applicable.


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Affiliates and Partners of TerminatorFiles that already have a password, can contact us though the data as available in the login sections at the bottom of our website. Please login and use the appropriate contact for all your inquiries.

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