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“ Is it a collectable or collectible? I seem to type it different every time. ”

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Terminator collectible reviews


Main info

Being a Terminator fan, you must have strolled along this page expecting to see lots of collectibles reviewed on our site. Well... there WERE collectibles reviews available, but when we moved to a new server the database was scrapped for later rehashed inclusion. And that notion... is now several years back.

But we are hopefull that this big section will return as soon as possible. We are constantly thinking how to reinclude the old reviews into the TerminatorFiles collectibles review sections, but have not found the fastest method yet. We could reinclude the old reviews, but those were of every little collectible we could find... but we want to combine collectibles within big reviews about all of them that are the same.

Enough ideas... no time to do it.

Check out the collectible related pages below, for more info on collectibles available through Amazon, or the best prices for collectibles available through merchandizing stores we have direct contact with. Don't pay big prices online at other retailers... but get your collectibles right at the source!

Amazon aStore

In affiliation with, we launched a Terminator related shop. Don't hassle for searches on the varried and different language pages of all Amazon websites, but check only Terminator related products on our own little aStore environment.

Easy browsing in an user friendly interface, depicting second hand and new products from around the Terminator saga. This aStore also features the entire database of so its easy to browse other sections as well.

Enter the Amazon aStore here!


We are sorry to report that this entire section is now temporary off-line.

We've been planning to update the reviews for a long time. Since we also needed to move the entire databases and site to a new server and needed to reprogram most content, we decided to delete this entire section for later resampling.

We know this is a section which had a big share of visitors a day. However... please bare with us and check back soon for any relaunched items, in multiplied reviews... with lots more info as they had in previous reviews; more info, more images, more videos, more of lots and lots!

We are working hard to re-include all content! We'll be back!


Over the years, TerminatorFiles has gotten in contact with the leading industry in collectibles and related merchandise. Don't go searching online for collectibles available at other vendors, or even online auctioning sites... cause you'll pay a lot more then when you get it at the source!!!

Check our shopping pages for the latest deals, from top sources like Sideshow Collectibles, Hollywood Collectibles Group, Amazon and lots more.

Reminder: We are NOT a shop... so don't ask for sales info!
Check the specific collectible shop item for possible dealer information!

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