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“ I do not have a quote to place here ”

And THATS a quote in itself ;)

Maurice Huijs

About STAFFmember Maurice Huijs

Main info

STAFFmember Maurice Huijs has joined the TerminatorFiles just a few months after its inception in the middle of 2003. Ever since he has helped out to build this website into the grand portal it has become today. And more is in the works. Maurice is also very busy with his own Terminator related projects, like trailers, scripts, his own fansite and more.

About me

I'm 25 years old and live in the Netherlands. At the moment I work as an IT consultant at Janssen Distribution Services. I'm doing the servicedesk but I am also working on small projects in this warehouse and transport company.

Before this job I worked 2 years as order-coordinator in the process control group in a warehouse of Xerox. I had to make sure that the orders are picked, packed and shipped in time. It was a job with a lot of responsibility, stress and pressure.

I actually studied to work in the computer and IT (Information Technology) business, but because of the bad economy here in the Netherlands -and because many are unemployed at the time- I couldn't get a job in that business. The warehouse in which I temporary worked offered me a job as order-coordinator and I took it for the time being.


I'm a huge Terminator-fan, that's obvious. I started working for TerminatorFiles, just a few months after its inception and I also have my own "Terminator - Hope Of The Future" website. Besides these two sites, I also have a lot of ongoing Terminator projects. But like always, too many projects and too little time to do it all. So I just say: in time...

So what have I already done? I have written a T4 fan-script and a novelization is already in progress for the last 4 years. I have made Terminator fantrailers and some other multimedia projects related to Terminator.

When I don't spend me free time to work on many of my Terminator projects, I play the drums. I don't play in a band, which is too bad. I also like to listen to music (rock/punk/soundtrack) and of course watch movies. I'm trying to gain some muscles with fitness... I work a lot on my computer as result of the projects mentioned above.

My dream would be to get involved with the Terminator movies. Writing a script, editing the movie or perhaps even directing ;).

What more can I say? I'm just an ordinary guy. I'm not trying to change the world, I'm just trying to do my own things at my own ease.

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