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“ Do Terminators have backups too?! ”

Things from way back when

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TerminatorFiles archives

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Its a good thing we backup our sites once in a while. Checking several disc-sets from way back when, we found some cool interesting stuff, including developments and promotions for both this site and other Terminator related sources and functions. Check out this little archive if things we did in the past, just here for nostalgic reasons... or just for the fun of it. We've got more up our sleeves... in this case from the past ;).


Developed as a online reviewing system, the 360°collective was a little applet filled with lots of collectibles from STAFFmaster Vic's private collection. The system was set up to make it possible to see collectibles from all sides ...AND interact with it. In a semi-3d environment it was possible to move the loaded collectible and turn it either way or let it spin by its own.

360 Collective The project eventually did not see the light of day in its full stature. Having to develop almost all 3D worthy collectibles in one system would still mean it would have to have hunderds (or even thousands) more. Since every collectible concisted of 12 images weighing approx 300 KB in the end of their conversion, this would have its major toll on our bandwidth.

The 360°collective was scrapped when the new website (v1) was launched. It did have hundreds of visitors in a period of somewhere around 3 months on the website (the first TerminatorFiles homepage). And since it did not get lost through time (thank god for backups!), here it is in its almost full glory with 2 of the collectibles enabled... for your viewing pleasure! Click image to load popup window. Needs Macromedia Flash and Sun Microsystems Java to be viewed.

Flashintros 2003-2005

The first ever intro to our site was initially made to tease everybody of our upcoming launch. It was online for almost two months and kept running upto our decision to make one more. And that one kept running till we decided to make another.

TerminatorFiles Flash Intros Well... you've guessed it by now: if it was time to renew something, we always took notice of a new cool intro to be published. Since most of them are still cool to view, we've included them in these archives... for all those that are interested in flashed blast from the past.

Some of the elements -as can be found in the intros- will be republished in future products. Like for instance a screensaver based on our last intro, where you can see the home base come online and hook up to the rest of the world... totally in control of everything going on in the Terminator Universe. Well... sort of ;).

Some other tidbits here and there will be reused in other upcoming promos, just because the animations in themselfs cost us a lot of time, and recycling them into other stuff is a lot easier. Though on second thought... building something new would be more cool anyway. We'll have to see about that, whenever it comes around. Click image to load popup window with more info. Needs Macromedia Flash to be viewed.

T3:R Prelaunch Promo

A prelaunch promo held in August 2004, for the then upcoming console game Terminator 3: The Redemption. In collaboration with Electric Artists, sites could help promote the new game with exclusive material.

T3: The Redemption Promo Lots of fans and collegue sites launched their own promos and we for one could not be held back: with great enthousiasm and a hunger for a exclusive promo (like non have done before), we build ourselfs a very cool mini-website based on the animations found on the iTips DVD, which was part of the Electric Artists promotions. The mini-website even included a cool gameworthy intro (or so we were told by one of the developers ;).

The design and promotion was soo unique that we recieved special prizes for our promotional efforts, including some emails by the development team behind T3:R, filled with exclusive goodies from the game (which for legal reasons we can not distribute). We also recieved several different console versions of the Terminator 3: The Redemption game, for the enjoyment of the TerminatorFiles STAFF and other people that helped with our site and promotions. Electric Artists even included several versions of the game that was next in line for promotion! Thanx again to all involved for sending us this cool stuff! Click image to load popup window. Needs Macromedia Flash to be viewed.

* The contents of these archived item is written in old code and might not work correctly in the latest internet browsers. Rewritten coding will not be implemented.

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