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“ I came back from the future to protect that boys back... so back off! ”

The Terminator is back, back, back, ...

Terminator 5: Arnold's Back - Not Fake Trailer

Sun 10 Feb 2013 | 14h06 GMT+1
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Sooo. Arnold confirms he'd 'be back' for a slated Terminator 5? The folks at UGO step in and create a very cool spoof about it. He's Back!

UGO presents the 'Not Fake Trailer' for Terminator 5, a series of created & directed by Team UGO, which features new episodes every Tuesday!

  • Created & Directed by Team UGO
  • Executive Producer Patrick Mahoney
  • Written by Jason Saenz, Siobhan Thompson, Jeremy Bent
  • Edited by Patrick Mahoney and Kent Kincannon
  • Voiceover Narration by Kent Kincannon

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