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“ Give me your clothes, your boots and $19,875 ”

We swear to protect this arcade with thousands of (play)hours ;).

Terminator Weekly Review (33, 2010)

Wed 25 Aug 2010 | 12h45 GMT+1
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This is the second part of our double bill, which should have been posted right after the first, last sunday afternoon, yet got posponed till the next day, and eventually got posted even two days later, this wednesday. Well... this Terminator fan is having a holiday and needs to get pulled from his comfy chair in his garden to produce the weekly reviews for you.

Maybe a laptop or a portable Terminator unit which can do some stenography would work nicely. Or having setting ourselfs some goals to produce these very few articles. Or reviewing all 15+ articles we recieve each day and THEN, that day, write something for our own weekly review.

Or do it like we now do... which is check the sources right this instance, check about 150 articles each week, sifting through lots of junk and then posting it in our weekly review.

And then we still miss out on stuff, as some of our forum-members find out lots more stories online. Soo... if you want to be briefed with up-to-the-minute stuff, then be sure to register for an account over on our very own forums and join the hundreds of discussions, from way back when or right this minute.

Now onwards with some cool news, right? And we sure have some this time around. What about an arcade for only somewhere around $20.000? WTF! Thats right! Though the ultimate collectible is still a 1:1 Endoskeleton, which sets you back about ¼ of costs. If you got the money to spend, you might as well order four of them ;).

All posted links open a new tab/window.

Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model arcade

Date: 17 Aug 2010 || Source:

Any of you into hardcore gaming? Then you definately need to check out the new PlayMechanix arcade called the Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model. This and many more Terminator arcades are now available to place in your own arcade, or for the happy few among us, at your own home (and then let your visitors pay for it ;).

The arcade is able to re-enact most of the thrills and spills of last summer's blockbuster Terminator Salvation... and thats even concidering arcade fans who have seen it all before. Cause this modda is BIG!... with a 6x8 foot projections screen, it will definately send chills down your spine when you see a T-600 coming towards you.

The guns on the arcade feature real recoil and feature a new 'clip' action reload, where you need to hit the gun on the clip handle to reload. This makes it somewhat more realistic. The cabinet itself has many lightings and even comes with a lifesize T-600 marquee top replica with red glowing eyes and a menacing look.

Wanna build your own arcade? Then get this little baby for the small price of only $19,875 (which is probably excluding shipping ;). Check out the vid below for more details on the action.

Playmates Toys T-R.I.P. Full Review

Date: 18 Aug 2010 || Source:

There are many toy reviewers available online. But most of them just write mediocre reviews and slap some photos into their stories. Not for Fallen Empire Toys. Their staff (not unlike ours) are fans that have normal jobs and work their asses of to previde the visitors with indepth stories and very interesting articles.

Next up is a review of the Playmates Toys Terminator toyline, and one toy specificly, being the 3.75 (3¾) inch Terminator Salvation T-R.I.P., short for Resistance Infiltrator Prototype.

From the boxart: This is the robot that started it all. With hundreds ready to come off the assembly line, the resistance finds itself on the brink of extinction. But the fight for the future has just begun.

There are some errors in the article, like for instance the reviewer talking about the T-700 in The Terminator, whilst that of course was a T-800. But whos counting anyway ;).

From one of their staff

"No I haven't forgotten about all of our loyal readers here at Fallen Empire Toys, but unfortunately this little site doesn't pay the bills and my 'in real life' job has kept me pretty busy lately. So I figured since I have a little bit of free time, I would write up a quick review of a nifty little figure I picked up over the weekend; Terminator Salvation: T-R.I.P."

Check Fallen Empire Toys for the full review!

Timothy Zahn's Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire hits stores

Date: 20 Aug 2010 || Source:

A new book is hitting (online) stores this week. Its a new book by Titan Books, Timothy Zahn's Terminator Salvation: Trial By Fire. The book picks up where the movie left off.

John Connor is on recouperating from his wounds and the resistance fighters are trying to figure out what kind of machine Marcus Wright is and how they all can defend themselves against the now undetectable hybrids.

From other readers reviews, the books are a fast read with paced writing. Its also only $8 at Titan Books.

Check out a free chapter over at

"I'll be back" voted second best quote

Date: 22 Aug 2010 || Source: Google Hosted News

Clint Eastwood's one-liner "Go ahead, make my day" has been voted the #1 most iconic film catchphrase of all time, in an online poll. One in five people taking part in the poll said the line in the 1983 film 'Sudden Impact' was their favourite.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I'll be back" from The Terminator, takes second place with "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" from 'Dirty Dancing' as third.

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