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“ With a bit of creativity and a lot of fandevotion, fans of any franchise can create the perfect product. FPS Terminator is one of those. ”

As is TerminatorFiles or any other fansite. Respect!

Terminator Weekly Review (29, 2010)

Sun 25 Jul 2010 | 22h30 GMT+1
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The second weekly review brings us some news on the FanProject front. And not even one that made it onto our site... but one of the many forum members whos gone to do his own thing... and that is to create his own first person shooter game. Terminator style!

This time around there isn't much to report on. Not that the small subjects are smnall either. The fangame has hit the net and has been reported on respected sites out there, including MTV. And the release of some new collectibles from Sideshow Collectibles isn't small either. Their biggest collectible ever created (and the best one can have in any Terminator collection) just got bigger and better with a version 2.0 release.

This time our weekly review is somewhat short, since we typed it out just under the hour. Next time around we'll digg deeper and have more to say, when we prep the articles contained in this weekly review as they come in. That would make a review faster and more efficient.

All in a days work of some uber geek Terminator fans. More to come from our own developments as well... with more photo archives, some videos, more FanProjects and the few odd one out thingies we tracked over the years and want to emphasize on ourselfs.

All posted links open a new tab/window.

Terminator FPS created with Unreal

Date: 20 Jul 2010 || Source:

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski has given a pat on the back to an indie developer who has created his own Terminator FPS using the Unreal engine III. The mod is particularly impressive, with all the hallmarks of the post-apocalyptic Terminator universe present.

CliffyB reckons it's just the kind of thing an upcoming developer needs to get noticed: "Check out this SWEET FPS Terminator mod," he said on Twitter. "These guys are going to get a job in the biz if they haven't already."

Check out a total free download of their beta demo of the game, over on their modDB profile, some talk about the game on our own TerminatorFiles forums or this video below for some of the gameplay.

Lady Terminator: Hasta la vista, penis

Date: 20 Jul 2010 || Source:

"Well before there was ever a Terminatrix, there was Lady Terminator, and while Lady Terminator is a rip-off of the 1984 Sci-Fi Horror classic, The Terminator, it's funny to know that it was an Indonesian rip-off action film that would be the first to bring a female Terminator to the screen. Both Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Lady Terminator would use their female antagonist as the main selling point, and both would do so to amp up the sex appeal of what was started in The Terminator. That's how you make money folks... big guns, big hair, big tits."

Thats the start of a very funny blog post about an even funny-er (or funnier) crappy sexualy tinted B-movie, called Lady Terminator. Check out the big blog post about sex, crazy Bollywood actors, some cool references to the movie(s)... or skip on ahead and watch the even worse (but in a way very cool) trailer for this very old movie.

Sure... this is a stretch for seeking anything related to the Terminator... but from the many strange rehashes we have seen (some of the sex related) this one has got the be the most original and crazy of them all. Hail Bollywood.. and B-movies!

New 'Sideshow Collectibles' collectibles

Date: 22 Jul 2010 || Source: Sideshow Newsletter

Sideshow has announced and started the promotion of several new collectibles. One is a T-800 Polystone Statue that comes in two variants... the other is the release of a new version of the biggest and fatests collectible of all time: The 1:1 Endoskeleton Version 2. Its supposedly going to be fully poseable and wields not one but two phased plasma rifles.

Cost of the latter? We are not sure yet, but count on it that this baby will be somewhere in the range of 5000 dollars. If you have the bucks to spend... this is the way to go.

More to come when we have more details to share.

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