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“ Create a fan-site with the best Terminator files available on-line! ”

The basis why this very site ever got created

News and archives are no more

Thu 15 Jul 2010 | 20h30 GMT+1
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TerminatorFiles has decided to take a bold step in its renewal... and that is... to no longer feature news or news archives. This decision has not been taken lightly, which we'll explain below.

During the redevelopment of our new fan site, we've redone almost every part. Some sections were scrapped to be re-included in future updates. One of those sections was our news archives. 1500+ news articles, which we reported since the fan site inception back in 2003.

After the relaunch, we've been hard at work trying to get both new as well as old stuff re-included. But as time progressed, we found out that all this old stuff was just too boring to work on. Well... not that Terminator could ever get boring, but to read that Furlong was denied the T3 role due to his drug problems... well... that's old news!

Of course this is what news is about. It should be new!

Going through the many articles, we found out that most of them were either not that interesting, were rehashes of lots of on-line sources, or did no longer apply to the basis why we started our fansite in the first place.

The best Terminator files available on-line!

We started our fan site to collect all the best stuff on-line and place it on one portal, either linking to other sources or including the contents into ours. Building our own expanded universe that talks about all things Terminator.

That is all fine and dandy when it comes to original stuff, like cool images, collectibles, reviews, full magazine articles, reviews, sounds, videos and so forth... but over time we also started doing that to articles spread on-line, either from other fansites or any news aggregator we could get our hands on.

Getting all the news one can find takes a lot of time, which we'd rather focus on delivering our own original fan-made contents. Files to be added to our fan-site. Your files, our files, Terminator files. That is what the name is about!

Out with the old... in with the new

We have decided to delete the news sections all together, which leaves us more time to focus on great new contents. Which we got a lot of! Aggregating all news just takes too much time. Time we can use on other more interesting things. We can't wait to dig right into all the contents that the fan-base kept sending us during our rebuild.

This does not mean we'll no longer report on important news events. We might do weekly reports on what's been said on-line at different sources. But roaming the net to find just about every article, and then re-including their contents into ours... well, that time is now long gone.

That said... be sure to keep taps on us; there is lots more to come from the Nr.1 Terminator fan site!

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