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“ When I was in elementary school, Robocop vs Terminator came out in comic books as well as video games... and that was totally awesome! ”

Ziggo about creating his fan made trailer

Terminator Vs Robocop Fan-Edited Trailer

Fri 4 Jun 2010 | 19h30 GMT+1

OK... we know this is quite old already (posted for the first time just about 8 months ago), but its one of the contributions that was sent to us when we were still rebuilding our new full flexed fan site. We could have left it be... but this is way too cool!

Get ready for a blast of a fan made trailer video by Leroy, aka Ziggo... who's wrapped up footage from Robocop and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, into a full fledged super high quality trailer. Robocop, the other more human counterpart of the Terminator, is from just about the same period as the Terminator movies, and has become one of the most memorable movie characters... still today!

Watch them mixed together and clashing it out in true Robocop and Terminator style... with the grade A fan made trailer! We watched it almost 40 times and can't get over the cool mixed music, build-up and what-not-more that catches our eyes every time we re-watch it. Well... go figure out yourself below.

Ziggo signing in...

"Hey guys! My name is Leroy and I'm a film student and a HUGE Terminator fan. I made this fan-edit trailer of Terminator vs Robocop using footage from Terminator 2 and Robocop 1, 2 and 3. I figured people may enjoy it as well!"

"I made this trailer because I have been a Terminator fan since I have been four years old. I feel as if I know the franchise forwards and back. The Robocop franchise comes very close to my love for Terminator as well. When I was in elementary school, Robocop vs Terminator came out in comic books as well as video games... and that was totally awesome!"

"So I decided to re-edit some footage from various Terminator and Robocop movies to create this fan-trailer. I hope you guys enjoy it because I had a lot of fun creating it."

Be sure to check out the full HD quality of the trailer, at!

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