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“ They didn't like the first forum, due to lots of idiotic options and restrictions. ”

T4 Overcome renews forums

T4-OVC Forum

Tue 7 Dec 2004 | 18h20 GMT+1

The people at T4 Overcome are striving for more input from all fan directions and have updated their site with a new more advanced forum. Apparently they didn't like the first forum they started, due to lots of idiotic options and restrictions.

If you are interested in giving them feedback on their War Zone server, mods for the T3:WotM game or you've got anything else to say, then be sure to drop in through the link on the top of this page. They are awaiting feedback from anyone interested. Fans are also welcome to join the forum as possible moderators (you will be interviewed / reviewed by the T4 Overcome staff).

There are also plans for a live chatroom to be launched in the nearby future. They are still in talks with different (service)providers.

Click top link to check it out... or join ours here ;)

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