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“ We've checked out several images and he's absolutely correct! ”

Check this attached comparison image...

Undefined hole in Terminator head

Undefined hole!?

Sun 21 Nov 2004 | 11h20 GMT+1

Ben Fable, extraordinary nitpicker, responsible for some in-depth reviews and movie mistakes on our site has come up with yet another great inconsistency in the T3 movie.

At the end of the film, Arnie is shown with half his face torn off: Well, what the hell is that hole doing in the face? I have seen a lot of pictures of the T-800, but that hole is just, shit... basicly. They must have thought that it will look great in the movie, but that's a mistake, just check the future flashback in the beginning of the film, there is no hole. Yet another example of T3 being what it is ;).

We've checked out several images and he's absolutely correct. As a reference we've attached a comparison image to this article. And if you check out the numerous desktop downloads available on our site, you'll see that non of the images have the hole.

Although at first when we watched the movie... we thought this was soo cool, to be able to look right through the face, now we're having second thoughts.

Then again... what the hell, its just a movie ;).

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