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“ Fans from around the world unite in different teams and produce their own stuff for all to enjoy! ”

War Zone. A new War of the Machines Games server

Sat 13 Nov 2004 | 03h21 GMT+1

Terminator fan t6-7 writes in to announce a fan initiative to breath new life into the War of the Machines gaming community.

"Hi there. Me and my new staff member Jimbo have started on a new idea which will revamp the Terminator community which is interested in gaming together on the fabulous game 'War of the Machines'. We are in the midst of designing a site and server that will try to bring back all the players."

"Jimbo and I have been talking about this for some time now and finally got to it... and now officially started it. But since we are only with two people, we were wondering if there are any other fans out there who would be interested to help out. To revamp the game and gamesserver into a big bad machine which will draw many visitors on a daily basis."

"Are you interested? Then drop in any-time through our site (Editors note: click link on top of page), through the official T3 boards or by any other means."

"The server will be called 'War Zone'. We also need help with promoting it, so if you've got a site and want to help out posting a banner or a textlink, then copy the address or contact us for more information."

"Basicly we are trying to bring this game into business, because we still believe it has great potential (and we love playing it ourselfs ;)."

So... you've heard it folks; lots of Terminator fans are trying to make the Terminator community a better place to live in! Fans from around the world unite in different teams and produce their own stuff for all to enjoy; some fans we know are busy with CCG games that are totally Terminator related, some other fans are currently in heavy developments for a modded War of the Machines game with cool levels and potentially more interesting game-play... and now t6-7 and Jimbo are trying to develop a games server for all the fans to join in on some Skynet mayhem!

Maybe we at should finally upgrade our own machines to be able to play the War of the Machines game... with possibly some cool TF logo on our skinned players... killing any and all that comes on our path. Hahaha! Well, maybe some day ;)

Click top link for more 'War Zone' info!

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