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“ The negotiations have started and I will meet Jonathan Mostow. ”

Ralph Moeller (Ralf Möller)

New Terminator 4 star on the rise?

New Terminator 4 star?

Thu 21 Oct 2004 | 15h50 GMT+1

Movies Online and many other sites report about a possible new Terminator star: Ralph Moeller (Ralf Möller). Ralph is a German body-builder and he has played the same role as Arnold Schwarzenegger has played many years ago. Schwarzenegger is Austria's Mr Muscle and he played Conan during early eighties. Moeller is Germany's Mr. Muscle and he played Conan on TV.

According to Bild, Ralph Moeller is in talks of portraying the Terminator in the next sequel.

Ralph Moeller is well known for his muscle packed body, from playing "Conan" for the same titled TV-series. He also had roles in "Universal Soldier", "Gladiator" and "The Scorpion King".

He said, that the negotiations started and he will meet Jonathan Mostow (director of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines") soon.

The producers still hope to get Arnold Schwarzenegger for a guest-appearance.

Ralph Moeller is a former Mr. Universe, who was also the German Body-building Champion of the International Federation of Body Builders, a champion boxer and worked as a professional swimmer for seven years."

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