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“ After 25 years in motion pictures it was time to move on. ”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie has no regrets about quitting acting

Tue 12 Oct 2004 | 11h03 GMT+1

Schwarzenegger has no regrets over leaving his phenomenally successful movie career behind to become the Governor of California, because it was time for him to "move on".

The Austrian-born Terminator star was more than happy to retire from movie- making as his current political role ensures he can still maintain a high public profile.

Schwarzenegger, 57, says: "I get my ego satisfaction from the press conferences, appearances and speeches I have to do now. I'm in front of cameras all the time, so I don't miss it at all.

"It's like asking, do I miss body building? I train every day, but I don't miss standing up there in those posing trunks, to prove that I'm the best-built man in the world.

"It was great when I was young but you grow up and something else becomes more important.

"After 25 years in motion pictures it was time to move on."

TF remark

Lets hope this does not mean he does not want to do any cameo or any movies during or after his term as Governator... but ego-wise he'd probably return to acting in lots new movies.

We of course need a continuation of the Terminator saga... but there are more interesting movies that need his attention: Conan, True Lies 2, Total Recall 2 or whatever else we can think of that was rumoured that he would attend to.

Well... we thought we'd post this little news about the actors ideas about his former acting career. Only the future will tell us what's up for him (and us) next ;).

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