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“ Each Cinemaquette will recreate its subject in 1:3 scale, with an approximate height of 24 inches, varying for authenticity. ”

Levels of detail

Think BIG

Think BIG!

Mon 4 Oct 2004 | 19h54 GMT+1

First there were the official kits by Horizon, with cool memorabilia of the T2 movie. Then there were several kits by companies like Tsukuda and Aoshima, that were more detailed and much cheaper then the rest. Then there were bigger companies involved in producing even grander busts and statues, like SideShowToy figures that were in the news a few weeks ago.

But there's always an even bigger contender on the market; Toynami, a well know Japanese toy and figure producer, has now launched its newest endeavor onto to collectors market... Cinemaquette!

What is a Cinemaquette?

What if the great moments in cinema could step out of the screen and into your living room? Not merely a poster or a toy, but a stunningly accurate, three-dimensional memento of some of the most popular characters in modern film. Lavishly produced and detailed, each Cinemaquette immortalizes its subject with breathtaking vividness - a work of art fit for a museum, yet still affordable priced for any home or office.

Getting down to details

Each Cinemaquette will recreate its subject in 1:3 scale, with an approximate height of 24 inches, varying for authenticity. Making use of a revolutionary silicon sculpting process, the Cinemaquettes provide unheard-of realism and detail in the likenesses of the subject, to a degree never before seen in mere collectibles or statues. The structures of the bodies themselves are constructed from die-cast metal and poly-stone resin, while the character's clothing and equipment are reproduced in full detail. Each Cinemaquette will rest on a trademark pedestal, in front of an appropriate diorama-style setting.

Limited in number, unlimited in quality

Each Cinemaquette release will be limited in production, with no more than 1,000 created for each edition. The same skills and techniques used by Hollywood's special-effects wizards to create the original films will be used to replicate these movie icons. Toynami works closely with the motion-picture studios, gaining access to their archives and prop departments, so as to reproduce the costumes and accessories as accurately as possible.

Coming attractions

First up in the Cinemaquette line-up is Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2003 blockbuster TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES, featuring the Terminatrix and the T-850, and the T-800 Endoskeleton from TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Following that in 2005 will be the 20th Century Fox classics ALIEN and PREDATOR, with more to come. Each year will see between 6 and 10 new Cinemaquette releases, with many more icons from science-fiction, fantasy, action and horror film on the way; Alien(s), Predator, The Lord of the Rings, The Indiana Jones Trilogy and many, many more figures from classic motion pictures.

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