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“ We hate any stuff that downgrades or mocks the franchise, but this one was TOO funny! ”


Turdinator 2: Movement Day

Turdinator 2: Movement Day (TD2)

Thu 16 Sep 2004 | 18h23 GMT+1

Normally we prefer not to launch any info that downgrades or makes a mock out of the movies or actors (simply due to the fact that this is not a gossip site). But we just couldn't resist the news send in by

'Turdinator 2: Movement Day' is just one cool video! And since we are not without humor (whats life without it)... we're proud to present you 'Cornald Squinchinegger'!


Cornald Squinchinegger was born on September 5, 1957 in MeinPoopScreechen, Austria, a small village consisting mostly of delapidated outhouses. He was the 6th child born to Cornelius and Queezie Squinchinegger, and was unusually small.

At the tender age of 4, he lost his five brothers and parents in a sack-burning accident which left him shivering, eyes bulging on the cold sidewalk, an orphan in a town where curfews are enforced with pooper scoopers.

A year later, young Cornald stowed away under the poop deck of a CruiseShip headed for the Americas. With a gleam in his eye and his signature corn kernel and beany cap, he was headed for new opportunities...

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