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“ I became skilled at making very cool models and eventually 3D Studio was traded in for 3D Studio MAX ”

Nefedov Denis Wladimirovich

Nefedovs 3D Max Terminator models

Nefedovs MAX models!

Sat 11 Sep 2004 | 23h06 GMT+1

3D guru Nefedov Denis Wladimirovich from Russia send us a mail about some of his great models made in 3D Studio MAX. Below is a little info that we took of of his site (recompiled due to 'some lack of English').

The love for drawing, to be exact to copy, began from early childhood. In school I was hooked within two days. Much later I had taken great interest in photography.

In the old days, video appeared on the market. But due to lack of tapes, I was forced to take photographs right from the screen of the television. The best movies/series back then were Another's, Robocop and Terminator.

My first computer was a Pentagon 128 (TF remark: does he mean a Pentium?!). I started drawing pictures in BASIC, which were not that great... but I did make some great animations on it. Finally I blew my head over the movie 'The Lawnmower Man'. A friend of my father told me that most of the movie was made with computer-generated imagery and said that in America there are even games available in the same genre.

It shocked me! After some facts-finding, it was shown that most of it was made on an IBM, made with beforehand prepared inserts.

Wolfenstein 3D, DooM and the 7th Guest games, urged me to buy such a computer (a 386SX). After that, computer-generated imagery and I became 'combined terms'.

When I became an adult, I went to a institute (TF remark: high-school?!) and restarted with my childhood profession; drawing. Especially at the lessons of maximum mathematics, the teacher frequently asked me why I did not go to an art school instead. To me it always was a means to re-inact scenes as seen in great games as Quake (which I played and played and played till the release of Quake III). I wanted to recreate the stuff that was in the games.

Being interested, I started on creating stuff in 3D Studio. I became skilled at making very cool models and eventually 3D Studio was traded in for 3D Studio MAX (which I had to learn all over again, since the entire interface had changed).

I've simulated a lot of characters of previous favorite movies, of wich I probably saw Another's 1 million times. The creation of these models on the site are of more recent work.

My dream is to one day work in this kind of profession, working with other professionals and learning from them, creating beautiful computer special effects and movies.

Click top link for Nefedov's site, including .MAX downloads!

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