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“ Operating this shotgun is like in the movie. Open the finger lever, load up to five shot shells to the magazine tube, close the finger lever. ”

We do not know if rotating will break yours. Practice!

Marushin Terminator BB gun

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Thu 9 Sep 2004 | 19h02 GMT+1
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Matt Kuss informed us about a review available on the Renegade Recon website, about the new to be released Japanese M1887 8mm T2 BB-Gun T2 by the Marushin company.

The shotgun what Arnold Schwarzenegger used often in TERMINATOR 2® JUDGMENT DAY will be made as commercial product by Marushin. This Marushin production will be 8mm BB gas gun and has official Hollywood license for the first time in airsoft shotgun industry.

Appearance wise the Marushin Terminator 2 M1887 8mm BB shotgun will be made of ABS plastic and the wood stock will be replicated by plastics. Magazine tube is made from steel and finger lever and inner parts are made from zinc die-casting. In the shot shell shape cartridge, you can insert 1 to 3 BBs. If you want to achieve best muzzle velocity and range you will insert just one and for those who want to enjoy real like shotgun effect, you insert 2 to 3 BBs.

Operating this shotgun is like in the movie. Open the finger lever, load up to five shot shells to the magazine tube, close the finger lever. To chamber first shell open and close again the finger lever. Repeating shooting, opening and closing finger lever, you can enjoy the real action of releasing cartridge like in the Terminator 2 movie.

In the Terminator 2 bike chase scene spinning the shotgun with one hand was impressive, but actually, they were using different gun only in this part. The main difference is that a part of finger lever where finger will be inserted was bigger and guard was expanding to right and left not to pinch the finger. It might not make any difference for the function, but the shape of the magazine tube top was simplier. For the model up of this time, Marushin chose the other scene type (not the spin type).

It seems Marushin gets their fair share of people with movie gun fantasies: "We often get the questions such as 'Can I spin this airsoft gun like in the movie?', but there is a possibility that you might break the product and also you might be injured. So please understand that all we can say is just 'Yes, may be you can spin it, but it's just up to your judgment'."

By the way, there is one more variation of the gun in the Terminator 2 movie. When he gets into the elevator to rescue Sara Connor from the hospital and T-1000 breaks the door, he points the gun to the face. Marushin guess that this gun was made from rubber. It seems the space between barrel and magazine tube is stuffed with additional material.

Marushin T2® M1887 8mm will be released at the end of the year.

Source: Marushin

T2, TERMINATOR 2, ENDOSKELETON, and the depiction of the Endoskeleton are trademarks of StudioCanal Image S.A. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Matt Kuss for the heads up!

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