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“ No news, doesn't mean there is no activity. We've got lots up our sleeves to add to our fansite! ”

TerminatorFiles' plans ahead

Behind the scenes

Tue 17 Aug 2004 | 17h41 GMT+1
Info: TF DevLab

...of TerminatorFiles that is. Some people might think that if there aint no news around, there aint no activity at TerminatorFiles.

On the contrary. We are crancked up with lots of new developments; STAFFmaster Vic has a two week holiday and has already updated lots of interaction between the different pages. STAFFmember Maurice has graduated a few months ago and is unfortunately still without a job. Whilst searching for job opertuneties, he too has lots of updates planned, both in static pages and dynamic content (including cool Terminator collectables ;).

So whats up?!

We've launched all the Full Credits and Company info per movie. All Movies and Actor pages have their own search ability within the news databases, scripts, moviefacts, media (video), actors and movies are crosslinked to the maximum extend (for easy searching and moving around the content of the site), and lots of more still to be released items.

  • T2 finaly has its own in-depth movie info
  • Earl Boen will finally have its own bio page
  • All Movies pages will be update with more cool info
  • A Flash section with cool animations will be introduced sometime this week
  • A Sounds section is in the making
  • We need to translate and type out 13 more articles
  • All featured cast and crew will get added pictures
  • We are thinking about a possible interactive graphical timeline
  • New banners plus mass mailing towards lots of sites, for promotion
  • More download (including screensavers and fonts)
  • Stand-alone tool with connection to sites database
  • Cleaning of code for faster loads and easier updating.
  • ... and lots more!

So without further adue... we are off to work on our next planned update.

Click top link for more update info!

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