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“ A mystery is solved. ”

Thanks to John Vargas from Varèse Sarabande Records

Terminator 3 music info

Wed 11 Aug 2004 | 22h28 GMT+1
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Many people wonder why the song "Open to me," performed by Dillon Dixon was on the Terminator 3 soundtrack. The music was not found back in the movie but appeared on the album. Even some people wondered if it was perhaps used in an deleted scene...

Well, after some mailing we have the answer. John Vargas from Varèse Sarabande Records informs us:

"The bonus song was written by Marco Beltrami and was based on a theme used in the Terminator 3 movie. The song was never used in the movie."

So much info for that song. A mystery is solved.

We asked John about another thing; the T3 Soundtrack Promo. We couldn't find any more info about it, and since we only had seen the info online once, we doubted if it really existed. Again, John helps us out:

"We never issued or released a 10 track promo CD for the movie Terminator 3. This "promo" T3 album is a bootleg. It was never produced by us."

Thanks to John Vargas from Varèse Sarabande Records for this info!

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