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“ More news about Brancato and his Terminator 4 script. ”

Sci Fi Wire reports

Terminator 4 draft finished

Wed 14 Jul 2004 | 22h20 GMT+1

Screenwriter John Brancato told SCI FI Wire that he and partner Michael Ferris have turned in a draft of a script for a proposed fourth Terminator movie-one that works around the expected absence of previous Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is now the governor of California. "We did have to think about a new franchise character, [because] he couldn't carry the movies anymore," Brancato said in an interview. "That caused us to have a pretty novel approach to what a new terminator would be like. What directions would it go in? There will be a new robot on the set of Terminator 4."

Brancato and Ferris wrote the screenplay for the last installment, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which was directed by Jonathan Mostow. Brancato said that Mostow is involved in development of the fourth movie, but added, "We'll see if it winds up being him as director. If it does come to life-and everything's up in the air-it might come out in about a year and a half to two years."

Producers have suggested that the series could continue through a fifth film. But the writers have not worked that far ahead. "Five, I don't want to think about," Brancato said.

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