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“ As much as I would like to brag about the script, I can't really tell you. ”

John Brancato

John Brancato Terminator 4 Interview

Wed 14 Jul 2004 | 09h32 GMT+1

Latino Review has posted an interview with John Brancato online. It deals with Terminator 4 and the remake of Westworld (originally an old Arnie project). Brancato is writing the script for T4 and has also written the T3 script.

Can you talk about writing the Terminator story around his [Arnold Schwarzenegger's] model? Knowing, at best, he'd only be available for a cameo.

We did have to think about a new franchise character. He couldn't carry the movies anymore. So that caused us to have, I think, a pretty novel approach about what the new terminator would be like. What directions would it go in. Again, they made me actually sign things that I would not leak. As much as I would like to brag about the script, I can't really tell you.

What's Westworld about?

Westworld is a remake of kind of a classic movie that was written by Michael Crichton in the seventies.

The film with Yul Brenner?

Yul Brenner in that part was a progenitor of The Terminator. You have this killer robot that can't be stopped. It's coming after you. It's funny to see how The Terminator ripped off Westworld. It's this crazy loop we've been working. This is imagining, basically think of super Vegas. Where you have wholly recreated worlds of the wild west, middle ages, ancient Rome, and outer space, sort off like separate environments, like crazy casinos with robots, who are performing all these extreme roles. It became this fun thing to play with and think about.

That was originally an Arnold project. Who is it going out to now?

Nobody yet, we have to settle on the script and see what the studio wants to do with it.

Do you actually explore space and Rome at all?

It's in there. It's in the script. Whether it gets dropped for budget. There are definitely travels through the different worlds.

Back to T4, are Nick Stahl and Claire Danes resigned for the sequel?

I think they're committed to have a part, if that's something they [the studio] want to do. When they signed for T3 they had to be available for T4.

Talk about creating a new franchise character for Terminator 4.

To have a...I can't talk about this. I'm sorry, I'd love to tell you but I can't.

It won't leave the room...

Sure, you guys are my friends. You're on my side. (Laughs)

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