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“ The Terminator painting has been done with watercolor acrylics on spun paper. ”


Reggys Terminator movie art

Reggys Movie Art

Tue 6 Jul 2004 | 20h21 GMT+1

After seeing the Model 101 imagery linked on someones fansite, we checked the owners website and its images of several cool paintings, including the depicted T3 promotional red image of the battle damaged Arnold. This is very cool!

After roaming movieXplosion for several minutes, we checked for some stats about the author and artist of the site. Exellent!... we just knew the Dutch rule the world; the entire TerminatorFiles STAFF is Dutch ...and the artist of this site? You guessed it: he's Dutch too ;). Dutch folk just rule! OK... enough with this self-promotion ;)

The painting of the battle damaged Arnold is very very very cool (did we already mention very?). We wanted to know all about it and contacting our fellow Dutch-man for detailed files on this and his other work:

"Thanks for the complements on my work. I was pleasently surprised that my site is featured on fansites. I've had a lot lot of cool replies from fans around the world. I checked your site and it looks amazing! Very cool!"

"My own site has been online for more then a year now. Its an international movie site with latest news and reviews. Some months ago I found some time to get back to my paintings... and I use my site to promote myself. My major goal in life is to find a job in the movie industry; as a screenwriter, designer, actor or whatever else comes along. The movies have always been an inspiration in my drawings. As with the Terminator 101 image you found on my site."

"The drawings that are especially done for my site, are almost all in the dimensions 30 x 40 centimeters. This is deliberately in a smaller size, because this particular size is easier to scan and the exported imagery has a higher quality resolution."

"The Terminator painting has been done with watercolor acrylics on spun paper. But I also paint on canvas, with acrylic paint and in the average sizes around 60 x 80 centimeters. Of course these take a lot more time. Soon... some of these bigger painting will be shown on my site (including one of The Crow and one of The Matrix!)"

"How do I start with my work? Most of the times I am inspired by a new trailer or some news about a new movie that will soon go into production. I then start to fantasize about how something could eventually look. Batman Begins is already planned for a drawing/painting and also King Conan. I also have some scribled sketches laying around from Tom Welling as Superman. He should definately play the Man of Steel in the new Superman movie. And with Michael Bay at the helm... all should be well. Anyway. I mostly surf around the net for some reference imagery to use for my paintings."

"Soon I will be painting some characters of upcoming movies (King Conan and Predator are in the fritz). Due to the lack of time (and commishened work for a lot of customers) these will take a lot of time to finish. I will send them to you as soon as they are scanned and/or uploaded to my site."

"For now... Hasta la vista!"

Editor -

Cool! All we now have to do is commision him for some work to be done for the TerminatorFiles website and team. More news on this in future updates!

Click top link for more movie art made by Reggy!

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