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“ Time flies when you're having fun. ”

1 year since T3!

Has it been 1 year?

Sun 4 Jul 2004 | 16h55 GMT+1

Time flies when you're having fun. reports on the T3 movie launch ...1 year ago:

"Well here we are again, at the date that Terminator fans the world over were waiting for back in 2003, for the release of the long awaited and hugely anticipated third instalment of the Terminator series - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

"Directed by Jonathan Mostow , the man behind such films as Breakdown and U-571, T3 was gunning to be the smash hit of the summer, ready to terminate all competition out of the box office. Sorry to all of the Charlie's Angels & HULK fans - but
T3 was just so much bigger and better than your movies!"

"After 12 years of waiting since 1991, when the biggest grossing movie ever (at that time) and the most successful sequel ever, Terminator 2: Judgment Day , was released, moviegoers and film makers alike were eager to see the follow up to it."

"But there were many critics and fans unable to see a positive side to it. They claimed that there were too many things missing from this movie that had been key factors to the success of the previous two, most noticeably writer & director of T1 & T2, James Cameron, and Terminator co-star, Linda Hamilton, the warrior waitress that was the legend, Sarah Connor. Brad Fidel passed on it, claiming that without Cameron helming it, he wouldn't do it, and T2 star Eddie Furlong, our first John Connor, was not considered for the role due to drug abuse problems."

"In all, only a handful of cast and crew returned..."

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