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MovieHole reports

Possible Terminator 4 storyline info

Mon 7 Jun 2004 | 15h21 GMT+1

"Long-time scooper 'Brits' has uncovered more information about C2's plans for a "Terminator 4" and "Terminator 5" with added verification that The Rock might indeed get involved somewhere along the line.

"Plot rumors have surfaced again for Terminator 4 and loosely involved the same outline as previous years have stated, especially with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's possible involvement with Arnold's Terminator.

"As like another Cameron related series, Alien, where we'll see Lance Henriksen's robot character from the original Alien series, in human form, word that The Rock could take on a Rebel character that Arnold's Terminator robot was based on.

"It's no secret that Arnold praises and is championing The Rock as the new action star of the 21st century and that Arnold is contracted for T4 - however it's believed he won't be in the movie for very long, paving the way for The Rock. Effectively, they would be playing the same character. Dwayne in human form as the Rebel hero and Arnold as the Terminator.

"And T5? It seemed to a lot of people, that whilst at a press conference in Cannes, promoting T3, there was no love lost between the C2 producers and Cameron. Sure money talks, but what good is that to The King Of The World?"

Last week, Moviehole was contacted by an employee at the studio saying roughly the same - that a "T4" and "T5" are on the cards. The Rock is interested in doing one of the films."

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