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Autographed FilmCardz and Costume cards

Sun 30 May 2004 | 19h06 GMT+1

What one stumbles onto when searching for more indepth info on the Terminator saga; once in a while TerminatorFiles takes several days to roam around the net through different searchengines, catagorising found stuff to be added to the site at an later date. Most of these searches result in stuff that was already found on previous attempts and or made available by new sites still delivering the same content :|. It's getting harder every time we try it. But try we must (it's one of our mission parameters ;)! has lots of very cool CGC stuff available, of course including our all time favorite Terminator memorabilia. But thats not all; these collectables include hard to get autographed FilmCardz by most of the stars of Terminator 2 Judgement Day and Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines. AND they even have lots of Costume cards available, including the Jackets worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger (both the T2 T800 and T3 T850 kind), Edward Furlong (the John Connor of T2) and Robert Patrick (the T1000).

All Ideal808 cardz are made available in one easy to use online shop, with prices ranging from $24.95 to an staggering $459.95 just for an T3 Autographed Arnold FilmCard (a bit outside our own pricerange... but whom ever wants it can check it out for themselves ;).

Click top link for Terminator CGC site!

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