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“ T3 director Jonathan Mostow has won a Taurus Award at this year's Taurus World Stunt Awards. ”


Win a Taurus Award

Terminator 3 wins Taurus Award!

Mon 17 May 2004 | 19h36 GMT+1

The Terminator himself, T3 star Arnold Schwarzenegger, gave Mostow an honorary award for "Action Movie Director of the Year." As well as those directly involved in stunt work, Honorary Awards are also made to those who have made an outstanding individual contribution to the action movie genre.

The 2004 Taurus World Stunt Awards show took place at the Paramount Lot, Hollywood last night.

Like we said in a previous article, T3 was nominated for other Taurus Awards, but unfortunately did not win them:

  • Best stunt by a woman
  • Best Overall Stunt by a Man
  • Best Stunt Coordination
  • Best Work with a Vehicle

Thanks to Paul Jackson for notifying us. Check out Global Arnold for more pics of the event.

Click top link for more Taurus Award info!

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