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“ I believe that after three years in office, he'll declare victory and go back to Hollywood ”

Democratic consultant Garry South

Will Arnold be back in 2006?!

Sat 15 May 2004 | 23h00 GMT+1

It's STAFFmaster Vic's birthday and GlobalArnold has some breaking news: Will Arnold Schwarzenegger return to making movies when he's done being the California Governor?

We all want to see those few last movies such as Terminator 4, King Conan and I Am Legend, but the question is, will he take a second term in office?

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer is quite open about his belief that there will be no second 'Join Arnold' campaign.

"He's not going to run again" the attorney general confided the other day, on his way out of a TV studio. "His agent is already making bookings for 2006 and beyond."

Democratic consultant Garry South, long-time campaign manager for former California Governor Gray Davis adds, "I believe that after three years in office, he'll declare victory and go back to Hollywood. And that might leave the Republicans without a candidate."

Republicans are not so sure, and Schwarzenegger himself is offering no comments.

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TF remark:

To emphasize on the birthday... we changed the date to the 15th of may ;). Not just changing dates to earlier days to make it look like we are up-to-date (like some sites we know). Hahaha! Well... I had to say something, right?!
Greetz, STAFFmaster Vic

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