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“ The machines have taken over the world! Save the human race from the Cyborgs. ”

New In-Fusio Mobile Game

New Terminator mobile game

New Terminator game!

Wed 12 May 2004 | 14h20 GMT+1

In this shooter, you will play as Kyle Reese to decide the fate of humanity as you fight against the machines in 2029 A.D.

Shooter? Kyle Reese?

Yep, you read it correctly. There's a new Terminator game coming out, and it's based on the first movie, The Terminator. It's not for PC. Not for any console. Just for mobile phones.

The machines have taken over the world! Save the human race from the Cyborgs. During the violent war between Cyborgs and humans, you will act as a human rebel soldier, fighting desperately to free mankind from the domination of the machines. The Terminator will try its best to stop you. Don't forget, the future of the human race depends on you!


  • A very exciting, famous license
  • A shoot 'em up game
  • Rich, powerful graphics
  • A very simple and addictive game-play

The Armoury screen

Before each level, you'll be able to choose some equipment. 4 different items are available: Med Kit (Half-life gained); Armour (will save you three times from enemy fire); Bomb (to destroy all enemies at once using); Weapons (change your weapon for a more powerful one).

The enemies

In each screen, Cyborgs and machines will appear from either left or right. To neutralize your enemies, you have to shoot them at least once. Here is a non-exhaustive list of enemies: T-800 human like, Drone, Laser Tank, Hunter killer...

Here are some interesting links:
- 2 screenshots
- Animated demo

Many thanks to Frosty for sending the links!

Click top link for other pics!

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