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T3-WOTM Project

More on the T3-WOTM Project

Sat 8 May 2004 | 17h20 GMT+1
Info: T3: WOTM Dedicated Forum

Updates on T3:WotM mod developments at The T3: WOTM Dedicated Forum, a group of fans of the War of the Machines game, dedicated to modding new improvements into the officially released game.

Update listing:

  • Adjusted character hit damage locations
  • Primary and secondary weapon option changes for TechCom and Skynet characters
  • Improved realism for blast effects of high explosive weapons
  • Made the portable rocket launcher unguided and more effective
  • All weapons adjusted and recalibrated for improved realism and authenticity
  • Proximity mines reduced to 1 per sniper. No sniper would carry 3 heavy weight mines
  • Semi-automatic bullet and plasma weapons can now fire continuously at a low rate of fire
  • Red Terminator is now the T-850 Terminator
  • Blue Terminator is now the T-900 Terminator
  • Various weapon firepower and ROF adjustments
  • Movement speed adjustments for all characters
  • Vehicle armor and damage points adjustments
  • Fixed and vehicle mounted weapon firing arc adjustments
  • Plasma shots: Red = rapid fire weapons, Blue = slow firing heavy weapons
  • Adjusted levels of damage points for all characters
  • Damage points differences for early and late war protection for TechCom characters
  • All ammo packs and med packs removed
  • Plasma weapons now have higher levels of ammunition
  • Weapon names in menu selections now more accurate
  • New TechCom character names; Soldier, Assault, Ranger, Sniper
  • New Skynet character names; T-850 Terminator, T-900 Terminator, T-800 Infiltrator
  • More effective and realistic HK Tank and HK Flyer weaponary
  • HK Tank now has 2 different plasma weapons that fire at the same time
  • Reduced .50 Handgun ammo to 6 clips and rocket/missile launcher weapons reduced to 6 rounds
  • Limited ammo levels set for all fixed/vehicle weapons
  • M134 replaced with 5.56mm Minigun
  • Many new and/or improved vehicle and battle sound effects! (HIGH quality sound setting required)
  • Blood hit graphics for humans and Infiltrator
  • Removed player names above characters during game play
  • Death sounds added for all TechCom and Skynet characters
  • Various graphical special effects improvements
  • AI bot tactical combat effectiveness improvements (EXPERT bot setting required)
  • All vehicles now respawn after 10 minutes of game time
  • Convergence aiming adjustments to dual weapon systems
  • FK plasma weapons and rockets now fire together and AI will now fire both weapons
  • AI bot spawn characters now adjusted per map time frame and location
  • TechCom now uses the RSB-40. The RSB-80 is too heavy for a human to handle
  • Various improved special effects
  • M249 SAW replaced with M240 7.62mm LMG
  • Vehicles no longer respawn

T3-WOTM Dedicated Forum has updated to 224 members and 970 message posts! Check out the Q&A replies from Tamas (T3-WOTM programmer), many game tips and hints, media files, and much much more!

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