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“ Finally the future world is going to be explored in all its glory! ”

T3:Redemption makes it happen

Terminator The Redemption pics

New Terminator 3 Redemption pics

Tue 4 May 2004 | 08h31 GMT+1
Info: has released new pics of the Terminator 3: The Redemption game. There are some very cool pics available in their collection; zapping through, you'll find out that some are the same as previously loaded... but don't just stop there!

Several new pics are available scattered throughout the collection. And you have to try and find the naked Loken too! Well... you see her back/arm, but this CGI stuff is getting more advanced every day ;)

Checking the new pics, we at TerminatorFiles think the fans are in for a real big treat; finally the future world is going to be explored in all its glory, let alone some of the other gameplay, worlds, sounds, levels and what not more that is still to be announced! We can hardly wait for its release!

Thanks to Frosty for sending us this information!

Click top link for pics!

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