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“ Old, but very interesting news we just found out. And we're still angry about it :(. ”

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Terminator 3 DVD review

Old Terminator 3 DVD news

Fri 23 Apr 2004 | 17h19 GMT+1
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With the release of the Terminator 3 DVD here in the Netherlands (where TerminatorFiles is based) on November 27th 2003, we thought there was only one version of that DVD. We were wrong...

Obviously, in the capital Amsterdam, they released a VERY limited edition of the T3 DVD, without our knowledge (too bad). With a limited production run of only 250 copies, a Dutch store (we won't say its name in this article until they give us a chance to get a copy :) released the Limited Terminatrix Edition of T3.

The 250 lucky persons who now have it, had to go to the store dressed in a black leather jacket and wearing a dark pair of sunglasses. They had to be one of the first 250 visitors in order to get it. Two pics are added in this article to show some of the Terminator look-a-like fans.

Next time if such cool Terminator promotions are happening, contact us!

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