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“ It was April 2nd. The world was in distress, people running everywhere. No guidance. Everything lost. ”

We need members!

Wanted: Forum Members (We're desperate ;)

Tue 20 Apr 2004 | 19h10 GMT+1

It was April 2nd. The world was in distress, people running everywhere. No guidance. Everything lost. Until... TerminatorFiles launched its forum! Since 18 days, we've 'collected' 43 members, but thats just not good enough. Well. Good for those already involved in the discussions. We are glad to have them. But...

TerminatorFiles is already turning in the portal that is ALL and ONLY about the Terminator Saga. Not just T3... but all the movies, files, images, information and what not more.

The basis of the TerminatorFiles portal is that the visitors and fans have major input in the developments and content of the site. It is YOU that can help build a community... maybe starting by joining and giving feedback on the TerminatorFiles forum!

We do not need to launch on 'Off Topic' section to keep people posting, we do not over-moderate stuff, we do not tell any lies or be right on everything. And we are not error free ;). We just try to give EVERYBODY a fresh look at things and try to have ENDLESS discussions about ANY- and EVERYTHING Terminator related.

We for one think it is refreshing!

Yeah... We can hear you think. This is just another attempt at a forum. We've seen that happen before. Why register over here when there is lots to do at bigger known sites?

Well... for starters; We are a portal on the entire saga, which means the forum can stretch on endless topics. From collectables, to gaming, to developments, to indepth movie info, to character topics, to polls, to site input, to interactive management systems... to whatever YOU think should be discussed. On one central place (our forum preferably ;).

So come on over and try us out!

Its the fans that build a community... so the more that register, the more will give input, the more the site and forum will develop into 'the masses'... All discussing, parting and maybe even some fighting on the one thing we ALL love: Terminator rules!

Click top link to check (and join?!) TerminatorFiles' forum!

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