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“ A group of fans of the WOTM game, interested in modding new improvements into the released game ”

T3: WOTM Dedicated Forums

T3-WOTM Project

Mon 19 Apr 2004 | 14h39 GMT+1
Info: T3: WOTM Dedicated Forum

It seems we are focussing on modding lately. But what the hell; its news and we are here to provide all possible cool additions, from fansites, official press-releases to items as found on search engines or forums (or as found added on our own ;).

The T3: WOTM Dedicated Forum is a group of fans of the War of the Machines game, and one major part of the forum is situated around modding new improvements into the released game. Apparently Atari had a hard time finishing stuff, because of a deadline to keep. So some items in the gaming are a disappointment to the majority of the gamers. So fans unite and work together to better this great new game; The T3-WOTM Project has started!

Several releases of an advanced mod have already hit the net (several of wich are available at the forum through the link above). T3-WOTM Project v1.15, v1.16 but below some news about v1.17:

  • Adjusted character hit damage locations
  • Primary and secondary weapon option changes for TechCom and Skynet characters
  • Improved realism for blast effects of high explosive weapons
  • Made the portable rocket launcher unguided and more effective
  • All weapons recalibrated for improved realism and authenticity
  • Proximity mines redued to 1 per sniper. No sniper would carry 3 heavy weight mines
  • Desert Eagle changes; continuous firing, adjusted damage, shorter range
  • Red Terminator is now a T-850 and uses the WM20/GL battle plasma rifle
  • Blue Terminator is now T-900 standard uses RBS-80 or Terminator Cannon
  • Various weapon firepower and ROF adjustments
  • Movement speed adjustments for all characters
  • Vehicle armor and damage points adjustments
  • Fixed and vehicle mounted weapon firing arc adjustments
  • Plasma shots: Red = rapid fire weapons, Blue = slow firing heavy weapons
  • Adjusted levels of damage points for characters
  • All ammo packs and med packs removed
  • Plasma weapons now have higher levels of ammunition
  • Plasma cannon now has continuous slow rate of fire
  • Weapon names in menu selections now more accurate
  • New TechCom character names; Soldier, Assault, Ranger, Sniper
  • HK Tank now has 1 slower firing heavy plasma and 1 faster firing light plasma weapons
  • Reduced .50 Handgun ammo to 6 clips and rocket/missile launcher weapons reduced to 6 rounds
  • Limited ammo levels set for all fixed/vehicle weapons
  • All battle sound effects are now 16 bit stereo (HIGH quality sound setting required)
  • Many new and/or improved battle sound effects!
  • AI bot characters use the correct project modified weapons options
  • Blood hit graphics for humans and Infiltrator
  • Removed player names above characters during game play
  • Death sounds added for all TechCom and Skynet characters
  • New menu music and background
  • Various graphical special effects improvements

Because the moderation is in constant development, we will not be reporting on its changes on a too regular basis. So if you are interested in joining and participating in their developments... or just want to know more inside info, and talk to some of the developers... then be sure to visit their forum.

Click top link for T3: WOTM Dedicated Forum!

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