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“ We will always give anybody the means to express themselves through our site ”

Modding etiquette

Sun 18 Apr 2004 | 01h26 GMT+1

After our news on the release of to the T3 Titanium Mod, we've been contacted by the forum director of the T3-WOTM Dedicated Forum.

Apparently T3 Titanium is based (or released next to) a moderation done by another person, strongly involved in this T3: War of the Machines modding community (presently with nearly 200 members and nearly 650 posts).

TerminatorFiles does not condone the illegal usage of material, for ones own benefit. This however is debatable, since the original mod used for T3 Titanium has not been modified, has been credited in the attached readme.txt file... and the benefit is to strive to make T3: War of the Machines a better game, for the entire community.

Although we are sorry to hear that the release of this 'other mod' has had its toll on the T3: War of the Machines modding community, we do not feel obliged to remove any linked material, in any section of our website.

We neither intent to start any (new) discussions, get involved in them... nor choose sides. We will always give anybody the means to express themselves through our site, which in itself is the basis of having a portal... linking towards Terminator news from around the world.

This news is a rectification towards the material as can be found in a previous released news-item. More info on Modding etiquette can be found here.

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