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“ We have two photo galleries available; the Hungarian Premiere photos, and the T3 'Terminal', exclusive to Hungary ”

Hungarian Premiere Photos

Unseen Hungarian Premiere Photos

Tue 6 Apr 2004 | 18h37 GMT+1
Info: It's been a long time now since the release of T3 - almost a year. Released in 45 countries worldwide, it arrived in Hungary on August 21st, with its premiere just a week earlier.

As a Hungarian native, T3 producer Andrew Vajna was present at the premier, posing for photographs with other Hungarian stars, talking to the press and the fans, and givinig a speech about how he and Mario Kassar got together again to form 'C-2 Pictures', the new incarnation of what was formerly known as 'Carolco Pictures', and how they acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise, bringing back it's number one star once more.

We have two different photo galleries available - the Hungarian Premiere photos, and the T3 'Terminal', which was exclusive to Hungary. It was a like a giant theme park, dressed in Terminator 3 decor. It featured a giant screen on the top, which showed behind the scenes footage from the movie, and played the trailers too. Inside, there were PS2 gamestations where you could play the "T3: Rise Of The Machines" game and a shop where t-shirts and other such memorabilia were available.

It looks like every Terminator fan's paradise, there should have been one in every country! All we can do now is look at the pictures and dream about what it must have been like for those lucky few who got to see it and go inside!

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