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“ It blows the McFarlane one out of the water! ”

Orlando 'Daemon' Ortiz

Aoshima vs McFarlane

Wed 10 Mar 2004 | 15h40 GMT+1
Info: Collectables

Terminator fan Orlando 'Daemon' Ortiz, who has helped us add info several times in the past, send us some information about his latest acquired collectable.

"Ok, it's me again, Daemon... the guy who corrected some info on the Arnie and T-1000 Horizon kits. I am sending this message to let you guys know about this WONDERFUL statue by Aoshima. I bought mine, the limited weathering edition, and it arrived today."


"It's simply HUGE, HEAVY (made of metal), more articulated, much more detailed, far more accurate. It's BEAUTIFUL! Highly recommended to any Terminator fans out there willing to cash out a little for a great display piece like this. Just about everything in this moves, its made of different kinds of metals. Even the finger on the foot MOVE! I lack words to describe how cool this is. I will try to take some pictures for you guys, so you can use it on your site if you like. Cya! Orlando"

And he's correct

Although McFarlane might have a bigger market interest all over the world (not to forget their name recognition), the Aoshima models really are much more beautifull. Just leave it to the Japanese market to produce in high quantity AND quality.

McFarlane has only two Endoskeleton's; a T-800 (MM5) and a T-X (T3). Aoshima on the other hand has... well... some of the reviewed figurines as shown below (and we are still collecting more info on more of them):

  • Endoskeleton Attacker Figure 1:12
  • Endoskeleton Die-Cast Figure 1:6 (Normal Color)
  • Endoskeleton Die-Cast Figure 1:6 (Limited Color)
  • T-800 Fixed-pose Figure 1:4
  • T-800 Fixed-pose Figure Crush Arm 1:4
  • T-850 Battle Damaged Figure 1:12
  • T-850 Figure 1:12
  • T-X Fixed-pose Figure 1:6
  • T-X Mechanical Body Figure 1:12
  • T-X Weapon Hand Figure 1:12
  • ... and lots more!

Got info to share yourself? Then send it in! We will add it to our databases and/or post some news about it. It's all BY THE FANS... FOR THE FANS ;)

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